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Sons Of The Forest Night Vision Goggles Location

The Night Vision Goggles have been added to Sons of the Forest. A welcomed addition to those who are not a fan of the Lighter or the Flashlight. The Night Vision Goggles can be used in the Cave to help you see in the darkest of areas while keeping two hands free.

You will find the Night Vision Googles just inside the cave next to the River. You find the Goggles on the Skeleton sat on the Chair just inside the entrance to the Cave. If you need the Exact Location you can take a look at our Interactive Map and look for the Night Vision Googles on there.

Once you are inside the Cave, this is the lovely Skeleton who is showing you how to wear your new Night Vision Goggles!

To equip the Night Vision Goggles you need to open your Inventory with I, and they will be sat next to your Binoculars on the top right.

Night Vision Goggles Location

As you look at the Map you will find it at one of the bottom Caves near the River.

Night Vision Goggles Location
Night Vision Goggles Location
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