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SoulWorker – All Commands

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  1. Gestures
  2. Weapon Emote
  3. Extra Command
  4. Tips

In this guide I will show every available command in SoulWorker. This is not possible without Soulworker community. By the way there is no console ingame, so you have to write the command in the chat.


  • /Hello – Best way to greet someone
  • /Sad – You basicly cry
  • /Cheer – Expressing joy
  • /Dance – Perform a dance move
  • /Sit – Basic human resting position
  • /Laugh – Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Weapon Emote

First thing you need to do is bring out your big gun (weapon), any weapon really. Wait how do I bring out my weapon? By Pressing X. This command below can’t be done inside a dungeon or in a combat disctrict.

  • /Provoke – Taunt an enemy player to (not) 1v1 you
  • /Boast – Perform a show of your weapon
  • Spam the key: F + X

This thing below is not a command, just an ingame funny trick/glitch. Something to show your friends.

By Spamming X (pull out weapon) + F (sit on mat) you are enable to sit on mat with weapon on xd, do this to impress your friends.

Extra Command

  • /Png – Take a transparent picture of yourself

The picture can be found here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\SoulWorker\TargetScreenShot

  • /Block [Name] – Block someone you don’t like
  • /Invite [Name] – Invite someone to party
  • /Freecamera 1 – Free your camera from character and move freely
  • /n – Type in normal chat.
  • /t – Type in team chat.
  • /l (L) – Type in guild chat.
  • /w [insert_name] – Whisper someone.
  • /monsterstatus 1 – Shows enemy HP amount in raw number instead of just bars. Displays on main HP bar + overhead HP bar.
  • /monsterstatus 0 – Disables enemy HP amount.
  • /hello – Greet emotion
  • /laugh – Laugh emotion
  • /sad – Crying emotion
  • /cheer – Cheering emotion
  • /dance – Dance emotion
  • /sit – You sit down
  • /provoke – Provoke emotion (make sure ur weapon is out)
  • /boast – Boast emotion (make sure ur weapon is out)
  • /friend [name] – adds someone to friend list


  • Q & E to move up and down
  • Hold mouse right click and drag to look around
  • W, S, A, D to move around
  • /Freecamera 0 to return to normal state
  • How to reply to someone
    If someone whispered you, just press Shift + R to instanly reply them
  • Switch Chat Faster
    By pressing “Tab” while in chat mode, you are enable to switch chat faster
  • How to use Whisper chat
    You have to write a name of player you want to whisper to
  • Shift + R – Respond to the last person who whispered you. (Last time I used this, it wasn’t being consistent. But generally it has been)
Written by Zui

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