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SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Achievement Guide 100%

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Achievement Guide 100%

As of at least 2023 every achievement can now be obtained. That being said it’s probably a bad idea to kill Reavers you haven’t gotten the quest for yet.


All achievements in Soul HarvestIntrospection: finish the first dream
Occurs early in the story

All achievements in Soul HarvestGeneral Aerev: Get promoted to General of the Wolf Guard.
Occurs after about doing a third of the game

All achievements in Soul HarvestAn Ocean of Eventualities: Use a vinculum for the first time.
Gotten soon after getting to Cahlabrok.


All achievements in Soul HarvestSavior of Theresa’s Meadows: You won the battle for Theresa’s Meadows and put an end to the debacherous Oktoberfest rites.
Just play through the Oktoberfest scenario.

All achievements in Soul HarvestStrength in Numbers: Play the campaign in co-op mode.

Combat, equipment and skills

All achievements in Soul HarvestCircle Mage: Finish the Soul Harvest campaign on Circle Mage difficulty without lowering it once.
Self-explanatory. The key to dealing with the RTS-segments is quickly getting as close to the enemy base as possible and conquering sectors close to it first, preferably using your starting forces to destroy any of their early sectors. That will stop the enemy from expanding and forcing you to fight a protracted battle later on.

All achievements in Soul HarvestA Fresh Start: Use a potion to reset your skills and attributes.
You should find these during the campaign, but they can also be bought from merchants in King’s Vantage. Obviously you can reload once you’ve drunk the potion.

All achievements in Soul HarvestSpecialist: Upgrade one of your abilities to the highest level.
Can be achieved with any character. Just advance any skill to level 3.

All achievements in Soul HarvestBeyond Human Limits
Raise an attribute above the natural maximum of 10.
Use attribute points to get one of your 5 attributes (strength, dexterity, intelligence, constitution, willpower) to 10 and equip an item giving at least a +1 in that attribute.

All achievements in Soul HarvestMemento: Upgrade your Empyrian trinket to its full potential.
Done while hunting for the essences of vengeful spirits.

All achievements in Soul HarvestThe Avatar: Equip your avatar with an artefact item in every possible slot.
Probably not obtainable until close to the end, and might require you to use a potion of fresh start to redistribute potions. This is probably only obtainable if you chose the ring as your empyrean trinket. Other artefact-level items are the dragonbone gear from the Reavers quest, and the sigil of the nortandian traders guild. The trinker slot doesn’t matter. Not sure if a two-handed weapon works or if you need to dual wield or use one-handed + shield.

All achievements in Soul HarvestMaster Trader: Earn gold by selling your unwanted loot.
Done cumulatively over your playthrough. You need to sell items enough to receive 100 000 gold. It doesn’t work if you simply trade for items, you need to receive gold for it to count. Since merchants quickly run out of stock I would suggest buying up stock to increase their gold, close the trade meny, then start it up again to sell things and get the gold back. You can save beforehand and reload several times to increase the counter.

All achievements in Soul HarvestSoldier: Kill enemies while playing the campaign.
Kill 50 enemies

All achievements in Soul HarvestVeteran: Kill enemies while playing the campaign.
Kill 100 enemies

All achievements in Soul HarvestWarlord: Kill enemies while playing the campaign.
Kill 1500 enemies. You’ll probably get this playing through the game normally without a need to grind

All achievements in Soul HarvestNovice Summoner: Summon creatures to aid you in battle.
Summon 50. Most likely this is going to be either skeletons from the necromancy tree, or demons from the demonology tree.
All achievements in Soul HarvestExperienced Summoner: Summon creatures to aid you in battle.
Summon 250

All achievements in Soul HarvestMaster Summoner: Summon creatures to aid you in battle.
Summon 500

All achievements in Soul HarvestFirst Aid: Use your heroes’ abilities to heal the wounds of your allies.
2000 health points healed

All achievements in Soul HarvestHealer: Use your heroes’ abilities to heal the wounds of your allies.
10000 health points healed

All achievements in Soul HarvestGuardian Angel: Use your heroes’ abilities to heal the wounds of your allies.
50000 health points healed. Probably going to happen automatically as you play the game, unless it’s on easy.

Remaining achievements

All achievements in Soul HarvestPotato: Who needs graphics anyway?
Lower your graphics to the lowest possible. Will require changing resolution, all sliders, and pretty much all options – and restarting the game for the changes to take effect.

All achievements in Soul HarvestHired Swords: Hire a new mercenary.
Can be done as soon as you reach Greykeep.

All achievements in Soul HarvestTreasure Hunt: Successfully open the combination lock on a treasure chest in Windwall Outskirts.
Done as part of a quest in Windwall Outskirts. You’ll need to defeat the bandits in the west to find the chest, and the bandits in the northeast to get the combination.

All achievements in Soul HarvestA Toast: Get drunk with Yria.
Have enough conversations with Yria after missions and you’ll eventually have the options of sharing a bottle. It’s available after recruiting Rerah.

All achievements in Soul HarvestAlas, Poor William: Force an innocent demon into indentured servitude.
When visiting Cahlabrok for the second time there will be a necromancer asking for your quick help with a ritual. Perform it correctly and the achievement unlocks.

All achievements in Soul HarvestA Date Gone Wrong: first dates can be a scary affair. As part of the hunt for Saorebh you’ll talk to a merchant, accept his task instead of paying him off. Then a bit later he’ll ask for help again with getting gifts. They are all obtainable in the lower area, or you can buy them from another merchant in Cahlabrok Once you’ve delivered them and reported to him, they’ll both go to the lower area. Make sure to buy anything you want from her since you’ll lose her as a merchant after this.

All achievements in Soul HarvestDiplomat: Successfully defuse a dangerous situation using nothing but words.
The earliest time to get this is in Cahlabrok. When confrontign the gang leader, successfully intimidate him to get this achievement.

All achievements in Soul HarvestMaster of Subterfuge:Successfully impersonate an arrogant architect when entering Windholme.
Gotten by choosing the correct dialogue options when entering Windholme for the first time.

All achievements in Soul HarvestOrc Beater: Use all possible charms in the Blood Pit.
Very missable. When entering in the arena in the Crimson Mire, make sure to buy a bunch of the charms from the merchant and then using them inside the circles during the arena fights.

All achievements in Soul HarvestDiversity: Have all possible companions in your party at least once.
Your final companion is recruited after finishing the Crimson Mire. To get the achievement they must all have been in your party at some point, it’s not enough to meet them in Greykeep.

All achievements in Soul HarvestTitan Quest: Learn how to summon titans.
Gotten by finishing “A Noble Quest” given by a woman in the southern part of King’s Vantage once you’re done with about the first half of the game.

All achievements in Soul HarvestRiddle Master: Solve an ancient puzzle.
Solve the chest/light puzzle in the ancient hybernian temple. Use your vinculum to reveal the pressure plate necessary.

All achievements in Soul HarvestHybernian Scholar: Read all the writings of the Hybernian scholar.
Hard to miss. Do the optional sidequest in the ancient hybernian temple and interact with the tears in the veil to reveal the three tomes, in the Narthex-area. After that you need to open each one for the achievement to unlock.

All achievements in Soul HarvestGhostbuster: Destroy all vengeful spirits. The first spirit is found in the mine/temple in the Windwall Outskirts, and the last spirit is found in Leonidar Gorge. The only spirit that’s really missable is the one hidden behind the wall in the southeast corner of Silver Drift Hollow.

All achievements in Soul HarvestArchaeologist: Collect 30 Moonsilver shards.
Check a specific guide such as the Wiki for specific locations.


All achievements in Soul HarvestDung Collector: Collect 30 crab dung.
If you’re picking up everything found in each area you visit, you should get to 30 when you’re done with the Crimson Mire. If not there’s a whole bunch in King’s Crossing

All achievements in Soul HarvestWyvern-Forged: Complete all hunting quests for the smith in Windholme.
You’ll need to progress the story to get access to all of the quests. Last quest takes place in King’s Crossing, which happens before the last quest for the smith in Cahlabrok.

All achievements in Soul HarvestBig-Game Hunter: Complete all hunting quests for the smith in Cahlabrok
The quests won’t start until you’ve visited the Crimson Mire and found the smith. You’ll need to progress the story to get access to all of the quests. The last one takes place in the Old Monastery location, which is close to the endgame.

All achievements in Soul HarvestBounty Hunter: Complete all WANTED poster missions from the blackboard in Greykeep.
Probably the one most likely to cause you trouble. You’ll get the missions periodically, the quest should update each time a new one is available from the noticeboard in King’s Vantage – usually by new areas becoming available when main quests or sidequests are started. The key to getting this achievement is always getting the noticeboard first, then killing the reaver, and then picking up the dragonbone weapon. The achievement will probably bug out if you go ahead and kill reavers before receiving their respective quests (the one in the Laranian Swamplands and the one hidden in Silver Drift Hollow are the ones most at risk of this). There are 10 reavers in total:

  • *Scorching Desert. Actually killed by some other enemies, but you still need to complete the quest by picking up the dragonbone weapon for this to work. The key is on the mage in the western part of the actual oasis.
  • *Howling Steppes. Pretty powerful so you might need your army for this.
  • *The Eye.
  • *The Amber Lake. The wanted notice might call it “the Coastal Ruins”
  • *Crimson Mire.
  • *Silver Drift Hollow.
  • *Leonidar Gorge.
  • *King’s Crossing.
  • *Windwall cave. Hidden behind a veil tear wall.
  • *Laranian Swamplands. Quest is given right near the end of the game.

All achievements in Soul HarvestBeyond the Veil: Find all fractures in the Veil and use the Vinculum on them.
See my separate guide for the locations.

All achievements in Soul HarvestWorld Eater: Cause all of Eo to be destroyed.
This is one of the two ending options. Get one and then reload to get the other.

All achievements in Soul HarvestThe Greatest Sacrifice: Sacrifice yourself to the God of Light.This is the other of the two ending options. Get one and then reload to get the other.

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