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Star Control: Origins – Lexite Quests

Lexite Quests

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On the trail of the Lexites

The Lexites are a faction of humans made up of strong AIs and post-humans. Star Control’s original mandate was to discover their fate.

  1. Moon in the Sol system.
    1. Land on the Moon and explore the Lexite facility there.
    2. Obtain 1 unit of Uranium, there is some on Io and Adrastea, two of Jupiter’s moons, or Mercury, be careful with Io and Mercury, these are hazardous places.
    3. Go back to the Moon base with the Uranium, you will receive a Lander Cannon module.
  2. Elpis also in the Sol system.
    1. Land on Elpis and eliminate all the drones. You will need a Lander Cannon to do this. Interact with the base.
    2. Locate some Neutronium, the plane Helemoth, in Gamma Repeculae, is rather safe and close.
    3. Bring the Neutronium to the Lexite base on Elspi, you will receive a Lexite Interceptor.
  3. P3X-781 in the Proxima Centauri system.
  4. 82. G Eridani II
  5. Yalos in the Rasalhague A system
  6. Epsilon Mus II
  7. Eta Llvoren

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