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Star Control: Origins – Quest Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help fellow players if they are stuck in completing a particular quest.

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Main Story Quests

The main objective in Star Control: Origins is to save humanity from the Scryve menace.

The Triton Signal

An alien signal has been detected by the Star Control starbase and it’s your job to track its origin. This is the first quest the player receives in the game.

  1. Go to Triton, one of Neptune’s satellites. Send the lander on it and make contact with the crashed ship. Talk with the Tywom, Wymdoo.
  2. The missing half of the ship is located on Uranus’ moon Oberon, while the two hyperdrive modules are on Mars.
  3. After finding one of the parts a Scryve probe will intercept your ship and a battle will commence.
  4. With all the parts gathered return to Wymdoo so he can fix his ship.
  5. Immediately after leaving Europa a Scryve Light Cruiser appears and engages you.
  6. Return to the Star Control starbase to report everything. You will receive Navigator Wymdoo as a crew member, a Tywom Defender and a Tywom Cuddle Drive module for the flagship. Now you can leave the Sol system.

Meet the Tywom

Earth is going to need allies against the Scryve, the first stop is the Tywom homeworld.

  1. Travel to Alpha Repeculea and visit the fifth planet, Tywomia.

Gather information and make contact with alien civilizations

Received after making an alliance with the Tywom.

  • Inform Star Control about the alliance with the Tywom.
  • Make contact with the Mu’Kay homeworld, Mu’Kaayan, located in Beta Pavo.
  • Make contact with the Menkmack homeworld, it moves around, it can be found in Gamma Spica, Pi3 Orionis, Bea Lynx, Alpha Mus, Eta Chaudhary or Vega.
  • Make contact with the Drenkend homeworld, Drenkapon, located in Alpha Uxor.
  • Make contact with The Measured homeworld, located on Delta Domos I.
  • Make contact with the Mowlings homeworld, Moop, located in Delta Xiphios B.
  • Make contact with the Trandals, located in the Corpus constellation.
  • Make contact with the Phamysht homeworld, Ela Rise, located in Beta Ishikawa A.
  • Make contact with the Greegrox homeworld, it moves around, it can be found in Alpha Gladius A, Gamma Spica, Pi3 Orionis, Beta Lynx, Alpha Mus or Eta Chaudhary.
  • Make contact with the Pinthi homeworld, located on Alpha Acroix II.

The Phamysht Secret

The Phamysht have information they are not sharing. They love to share military secrets when eating.

  1. Obtain the Meat Puppet. See quest Defend the Tywom in their trial.
  2. Deliver the Meat Puppet to the Phamysht homeworld.
    • If the Meat Puppet is infected with the Pinthi the Phamysht don’t appreciate it.
  3. Listen to the conversation as the Phamysht enjoys the meal.

Investigate the Scryve Facility in Alpha Satori A

The Scryve have a mysterious facility in Alpha Satori A.

  • Go to Alpha Satori A II and investigate the base there.
  • Get out of the system!
  • Go to Star Control and report about the Xraki.

Defeat the Xraki threat

The Xraki have been unleashed. Time to send them back.

  1. Stop the Xraki assault fleets.
    • Defend Earth.
    • Defend the Tywom homeworld.
    • Defend the Mu’Kay homeworld.
    • Defend the Pinth homeworldi.
  2. Obtain the new strain of Pinthi from the Scryve facility on Beta Jutinim IV
  3. Return to Star Control with the Pinthi strain. Equiq the Pinthi Dispersal Module.
  4. Go to Alpha Satori A and interact with the Origin.

Star Control Quests

Ceres training facility

In case your ship piloting skills are a little rusty you can go and get a refresher course at the Ceres facility.

  1. Go to the Ceres facility and talk with Captain Emery about the trials. Complete them to test your skills and earn rewards:
    • Complete combat trial to get Advanced Nuke weapon module
    • Complete the third trial to get Point Defense weapon module

Expand Earth’s influence

After forming some alliances you get the mission to obtain some hyperdrives so humanity can expand.

  1. Discover potential colony sites.
    • Epsilon Trireme I;
    • P3X-411, in Sirius A;
    • Ebru, in Ross 154.
  2. Bring a hyperdrive to Star Control. Acceptable hyperdrives are:
    • Enforcer Drive, obtained at the end of the quest Stop the Drenkend.
    • Possibly Stolen Hyperdrive, bought from the Menkmack.
    • Overdrive, obtained from the Trandals after an alliance
  3. 100 units of Francium is also required. Good sources of Francium are:
    • Plutonic planets in general.
    • Maven, in Castor A, has 140 units.
    • Lisro, in Serpentis, has 127 units.
    • Pilos, in Alpha Garanulus, has 101 units.
  4. After making one delivery Terran Cruisers are available for purchase.
  5. After some time the planets will be colonized and Earth’s influence will expand.

Lexite Quests

On the trail of the Lexites

The Lexites are a faction of humans made up of strong AIs and post-humans. Star Control’s original mandate was to discover their fate.

  1. Moon in the Sol system.
    1. Land on the Moon and explore the Lexite facility there.
    2. Obtain 1 unit of Uranium, there is some on Io and Adrastea, two of Jupiter’s moons, or Mercury, be careful with Io and Mercury, these are hazardous places.
    3. Go back to the Moon base with the Uranium, you will receive a Lander Cannon module.
  2. Elpis also in the Sol system.
    1. Land on Elpis and eliminate all the drones. You will need a Lander Cannon to do this. Interact with the base.
    2. Locate some Neutronium, the plane Helemoth, in Gamma Repeculae, is rather safe and close.
    3. Bring the Neutronium to the Lexite base on Elspi, you will receive a Lexite Interceptor.
  3. P3X-781 in the Proxima Centauri system.
  4. 82. G Eridani II
  5. Yalos in the Rasalhague A system
  6. Epsilon Mus II
  7. Eta Llvoren
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Tywom Quests

Defend the Tywom in their trial

After forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay you will be called in regards to the newest petition of the Tywom to join the Mu’Kay’s Federation. The Tywom are being put on trial because they gave Humanity hyperdrive technology, if they are found guilty both them and humans will be kicked out of the alliance.

  1. After speaking with the Mu’Kay go to the Tywom homeworld to plan your defense.
  2. Collect evidence for the trial. There are three areas to focus on:
    • The Tywom protected Humanity from the Scryve. Get the wreckage of the Scryve ship, it is on Titan, in the Sol system.
    • Prove Humanity was worthy of hyperdrive. Alliances formed with other species and helping the Mu’Kay count here, see quests Help the Mu’Kay Researchers, The Search for Fish.
    • Go the Beta Chaudhary IV and search for a crashed ship. Go to the Trandals and ask them about the ship, must be allies with them to get an answer.
  3. Once you have collected enough evidence go back to Mu’Kaayan and start the trial.
  4. At the end Tywoms and Humans are found not guilty and you receive the Meat Puppet.
  5. Go to Tywom homeworld to inform them of the trial’s outcome and to receive 15000 RU.

Mu’Kay Quests

Form an Alliance with the Mu’Kay

In order to join the Mu’Kay’s Federation of Allied Species you must first do a favor for them. Stop a Drenkend attack on one of their colonies.

  1. Go to the Mu’Kay colony in Lacaille 8760 and speak with the Drenkend ship in orbit around the planet Splym, as well as with the Mu’Kay colony
  2. There are three ways to handle this:
    • Simple solution, destroy the Drenkend ship.
    • Gather 50 units of Degenerate Matter so the colony can power the Precursor shield that is on it.
    • Go and talk to the Drenkend on their homeworld, see Drenkend quest Stop the Drenkend.
  3. After resolving the situation go back and speak with the Mu’Kay homeworld. You will receive 6000 RU.

Help the Mu’Kay Researchers

A Mu’Kay ship has his some trouble on a research mission in Delta Horos.

  1. Go to the second planet in Delta Horos and interact with the crashed Mu’Kay ship.
  2. Kill or stun the beast and return to the Mu’Kay ship.
  3. Go to the Mu’Kay homeworld for your reward, 5000 RU and Science Officer Bloa.

The Search for Fish

After forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay they will ask you to search for potential colonies in the Wendingo cluster.

  1. Go to the following planets:
    • Alpha Wendingo II
    • Beta Wendingo III
    • Delta Wendingo A IV
    • (Delta Wendingo A V) Slaz
    • (Delta Wendingo A V, Slaz) Minsc
    • (Delta Wendingo B VI ) Smartz
    • Delta Wendingo C III
    • (Eta Wendingo A IV) P1X-941
    • Epsilon Wendingo IV
    • Iota Wendingo V
    • Mu Wendingo II
    • Theta Wendingo Va
    • Zeta Wendingo VI
  2. Return to the Mu’Kay homeworld to turn them in. You will receive 2000 RU per Ice world, so 26000 in total.

Find out what the Mu’Kay want to speak about

Some time after forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay they call you to their homeworld.

  1. Go the Mu’Kay homeworld, Mu’Kaayan, located in Beta Pavo.
  2. This continues with Defend the Tywom in their trial, see Tywom section.

Directive Breach

There is a Mu’Kay ship which has helped a pre-industrial civilization. Thus breaching the Principal Directive.

  1. Go to the Epsilon Wendingo system and make contact with the Mu’Kay ship.
  2. Agree to take it in your fleet or not.

Menkmack Quests

Form an Alliance with the Menkmack

The Menkmack have a little problem they could use help with. A moon sized creature keeps eating the atmosphere of their homeworlds.

  1. Make contact with the Menkmack homeworld.
  2. Make contact with the Greegrox homeworld to learn that the Menkmack stole the Ancient One’s egg.
  3. Confront the Menkmack about this.
  4. There are two ways to obtain the egg:
    • Pay the Menkmack 40000 RU for it.
    • Steal it from the facility on Theta Priapus I.
  5. After obtain the egg deliver it to the Greegrox around the Ancient One.
  6. Speak with the Menkmack on their homeworld to complete the alliance with them.

The Fake Ice World

The Menkmack would like to play a prank on the Mu’Kay.

  1. Receive the quest The Search for Fish from the Mu’Kay.
  2. Speak with the Menkmack homeworld about the Mu’Kay and agree to the prank or not.
  3. Talk to the Mu’Kay homeworld and give them the coordinates.
  4. Return to the Menkmack for your reward, 5000 RU. All rewards from the Mu’Kay for Ice worlds will be halved, so best to turn this one at the end so you won’t lose profit.

Drenkend Quests

Stop the Drenkend from attacking innocent beings

Put an end to the Drenkend’s ear based genocide.

  1. After speaking with the Mu’Kay colony in Lacaille 8760 go to the Drenkend homeworld of Drenkapon and speak with their leaders about ears.
  2. Go to Epsilon Fatum and contact the Menkmack ship located there. You will receive Engineer Morkbeck.
  3. Retrieve a Scryve Legate helmet from the base on Theta Boklos I.
  4. Go back to the Drenkend homeworld and tell them about the Menkmack on your ship. The Drenkend will stop attacking non-three-eared species, also you will receive an Enforcer Drive.

Greegrox Quests

Talking to Space Fish

In order to communicate with the Greegrox you will need a trasnlation for their language.

  • There are two ways to obtain the translation.
    • Talk with one Greegrox Follower to start recording. Talk with 3 more while a Tywom ship is in your fleet.
    • There is a crashed Tywom ship with a translation on Episolon Gladius II.

Form an Alliance with the Greegrox

In order to form an alliance with the space fish you must get back the Ancient One’s egg.

  1. Talk to the Greegrox on the Ancient One.
  2. Obtain the egg from the Menkmack, see Menkmack section for details.
  3. Return the egg to the Greegrox.

The Mu’Kay Apology

The Greegrox are a little upset at the Mu’Kay, what with the latter hunting and eating the former.

  1. Talk to a Greegrox while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet.
  2. Go to the Mu’Kay homeworld and inform them that the Greegrox are sapient.
  3. Go to the Ancient One while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet and talk with the Greegrox.
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The Lost Greegrox

There is a Greegrox that has remained all alone after its pod mates were killed.

  1. Go to the Alpha Apocalyptum A system and take the Greegrox with you.
  2. There are two options now:
    • Take the Greegrox back home to the Ancient One.
    • Or take it to The Measured homeworld for a reward.

The Measured Quests

Learn how to communicate with the Measured

Please fill the correct forms to start this quest, signed in triplicate.

  1. Talk to The Measured homeworld and at least one their ships to start this quest.
  2. Go and check with other ward species of the Scryve Empire, like Tywom or Mu’Kay.
  3. Now you have the forms to communicate with The Measured.

Find lost records belonging to The Measured

  1. Visit the following planets to recover records for The Measured.
    • Theta Quadrum I
    • Delta Jutinum B I
    • Epsilon Jutnium B IIIa
    • Eta Aspis B II
  2. Return them to the homeworld of the Measured. You will receive 10000 RU for the first three and 20000 RU for the last one. And the Measured ships won’t attack you anymore.

Trandals Quests

Form an Alliance with the Trandals

The Trandals appear to be some kind of augmented species.

  1. Encounter a Trandal ship. They can be found in the Corpus systems.
  2. Don’t accept the upgrades. It will tell you to go to Pyst in Epsilon Llvoren and interact with the Ruins there.
  3. Go back and speak with a Trandal ship, if you refuse the upgrades again it will reveal the Trandals are actually husks controlled by an AI named Overmind.
  4. It will then give a choice between upgrades or spreading Overmind. You can attack it instead which will open another path to allying with the Overmind.
  5. There are several ways to ally with the Overmind:
    • Accept the upgrades.
      • After accepting the upgrades you will experience some unpleasantness. Speak with Star Control to learn more.
      • Remove the infection from your ship with the help of the Free Trandlals. See quest Help the Free Trandals.
    • Spread Overmind by taking its devices to the following planets:
      • Beta Itzpapalotl B I;
      • Alpha Orchidum VIII;
      • Polonox in the Pollox system.
    • Kill husks belonging to the Overmind. You will need to destroy two more fleets belonging to the Overmind.
  6. After you have completed one of the paths speak with an Overmind ship and you will have an alliance with the Overmind. You will get to choose 3 techs from the Overmind:
    • Overdrive (this is important)
    • Fleet Deflector Mark III
    • Lander Armor Mark II

Strange Clues

Must install upgrades from Trandals to trigger.

  1. After installing the Trandals’ upgrades you should receive a message telling you about Alpha Naviculum III
  2. Go to Alpha Naviculum III and investigate the Beacon.
  3. Go to Beta Llvoren.

Meet the Free Trandals

Must install upgrades from Trandals to trigger.

  1. You should receive a message after some time telling you to meet the Free Trandals in Beta Llvoren.
  2. Go to Beta Llvoren.

Help the Free Trandals

The Free Trandals can free you from the Overmind infection, but first you will need to do something for them.

  1. Contact a Trandal ship in Beta Llvoren.
  2. Go to The Measured homeworld and ask them about the Trandals.
  3. Go to Delta Domos Ia and visit the Measured Land Office to find out the location of the Trandals’ homeworld.
  4. Go to Delta Gladius Ia, land and get the Trandals cultural artifacts.
  5. Return to Beta Llvoren and talk to a Trandal ship to be free of the Overmind and receive 2000 RU.

Free some Trandals from Overmind

The Free Trandals would like you to help some of their brethren escape the Overmind.

  1. After completing the previous quest the Free Trandals will make another request of you.
  2. Go to the following systems and broadcast the code to the Overmind ships. Watch out, some will attack you if you are not allied with the Overmind.
    • Iota Lynx;
    • Kappa Lynx;
    • Alpha Priaspus.
  3. Return to the free Trandals when done.

Mowlings Quests

Form an Alliance with the Mowlings

To ally with the Mowlings you will need permission from their god, Jeff, he’s a pretty swell guy.

  1. Speak with the Mowlings homeworld, Moop, located in Delta Xiphios B.
  2. After that Jeff will enter the system, talk to him and he will have you cure the Mowlings cough.
  3. Locate and talk with the Pinthi. Their homeworld is on Alpha Acroix II.
  4. Return to the Mowlings’ homeworld with a Pinthi ship. You will need an alliance with the Pinthi for one.
  5. Talk to Jeff for the next step, which is to build the Mowlings a hospital.
  6. Either collect the materials yourself and deliver to the Mowlings, 10 units each of Argon and Polonium plus 1 Tzo Crystal, or give them a lander so they can gather them themselves, you will have to wait a while for them to finish.
  7. After the hospital is finished talk to Jeff. Congratulations, you are now the god of the Mowlings.

Pinthi Quests

Form an Alliance with the Pinthi

Who doesn’t want to be friends with sapient bioweapons?

  1. Go make contact with the Pinthi homeworld located on Alpha Acroix II.
  2. Talk about the Mowlings’ cold.
  3. There are several things that can be done to ally with Pinthi:
    • Send a crewmember so the Pinthi can analyze humanity’s DNA. This lead to the quest Cure yourselves of the Pinthi infection.
    • Instead of crewmember, you can use the Meat Puppet, see quest Defend the Tywom in their trial.
    • Stop the Greegrox from attacking the Pinthi.
  4. After an alliance is made you will receive a Pinthi crew officer.

Cure yourselves of the Pinthi infection

If you send a crewmember to Pinthi the entire crew has been infected. You will not receive crewmembers until the disease is cured.

  1. Go to the Star Control starbase to learn that your ship is infected.
  2. Go to the Tywom homeworld and ask for help.
  3. Obtain superfluids.
  4. Go back to the Tywom homeworld after gathering the superfluids to apply the cure.

Stop the Greegrox from attacking the Pinthi

The Greegrox have been attacking the Pinthi because the former believe the later are behind an attack on the Ancient One.

  1. After receiving the quest from the Pinthi go and speak with the Greegrox homeworld.
  2. Go to the Alpha Gladius A system and explore the fifth planet. There are a lot of crashed ships on it. Look for the one that looks like a Pinthi ship.
  3. Go to Star Control so they can analyze the data from the ship.
  4. Head to the Kappa Fang system and search the planet Kappa Fang I.
  5. Go to the Greegrox and report what you found.
  6. Inform the Pinthi that the Greegrox will no longer attack them. You will receive 7000 RU.
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Miscellaneous Quests

The Mystery Of The Vault

There is a Precursor vault for which you have to activate several antennas.

  1. Go to Alpha Llvoren I and defeat the Pirate ship around it.
  2. Land and examine the Vault.
  3. Activate the antennas located on the following worlds:
    • (Alpha Llvoren) Sigrid
    • (Beta Llvoren) Satoru
    • Delta Llvoren III
    • Epsilon Llvoren I
    • Gamma Llvoren VI
    • Theta Llvoren III
    • Zeta Llvoren IV
  4. Go to Alpha Llvoren I and access the vault, you will receive Singularity Missile.

The Doomed Charlox

The inhabitants on the planet Charlox, in Gamma Orchidum, need some help moving to a new planet.

  1. Go to Gamma Orchidum and contact the planet Charlox.
  2. Investigate the derelict ship in Gamma Orchidum to find out what happened to its passengers.
  3. Talk to Charlox about building a new colony ship.
  4. Gather 100 units of lead. The Artharna system is a good source for Lead.
  5. Return to Charlox to deliver the materials.
  6. Now wait until they have settled on Areons to visit their colony to receive Fleet Deflector Mark II.

The Xontar Merchant

A Xontar Freighter in Ross 154 has some pirate problems.

  1. Speak with the Xontar ship located in Ross 154.
  2. Go to Wolf 359 and destroy the Syndicate Frigate.
  3. Return to the merchant for your reward, 6000 RU.

The Fate Of The Sacra

The Sacra are waiting for a visitor from the sky.

  1. Go to the Zeta Lynx system and contact the third planet.
  2. Hail the antenna nearby.
  3. Inform the Sacra of their fate.
  4. Stay to defend their planet. Nothing happens.
  5. Stay to defend their planet. Nothing happens.
  6. Stay to defend their planet. Finally, Hastur appears. Fight him and survive.
  7. Choose to tale or not the energy source left behind. You obtain Clavis Caercem. See quest The Hunt for the Clavis Aurea.
  8. Talk with the Sacra if you want. They have no reward for you.

The Mercenary Attacks

You might have encountered some ships attacking you from time to time.

  1. After being attacked about 5 times the last one informs to head to Alpha Tria B to meet with their boss.
  2. Go to Alpha Tria B and make contact with the ship Ure Strider.
  3. The leader of the mercenaries is a Menkmack named Helt Numitor. He asks for 10000 RU to stop sending ships after you, in exchange he will join your fleet to protect you. He will return later to collect.
  4. When he returns, in about 4 months, you can either pay him or don’t. If you pay him you get his ship plus two mercenary ships added to your fleet and the attacks stop. If not the attacks continue.

The Sanctuary World

There is world with a rather high biodiversity, and mineral resources, in the Theta Lynx system.

  1. Go to the Theta Lynx system and speak with the Kzanti Defender around the second planet.
  2. Either pay 10000 RU or donate a Pink Lorris Egg, one can be found on Beta Lynx III, or fight your way.
  3. You can now land on the planet.

The Stranded Refugees

There is a Norast Trasnport vessel in the Proxima Centauri system whose fuel pressure regulator has malfunctioned and can no longer move.

  1. Speak with the Norast Trasnport vessel in the Proxima Centauri system. Agree to help them or destroy their ship.
  2. Obtain fuel pressure regulator from the Norast depot on Slatha, in the Proxima Centauri system.
  3. Return to Norast Trasnport to deliver fuel pressure regulator. They will tell you of a crashed ship on Eta Wendingo II A IIa.
  4. After some time a Norast Xenith will join your fleet in thanks for helping the Transport.

Poor communication kills

In the Altair system there are two alien civilizations fighting each other, the Hurnese and the Halgoth.

  1. Talk with the settlements on Hurnia and Halgoth.
  2. Either choose a side or investigate Ester, be warned it is a hazardous planet, and discover the Kzanti are behind the attacks on the two species.
  3. Report to the Hurnese or Halgothi settlements about the Kzanti plot and receive your reward, 500 RU.

Gravity is a harsh mistress

The inhabitants of Havanasa, located in Epsilon Uxor, are having some trouble caused by an object on their planet’s moon that is affecting gravity.

  1. Speak with a settlement on Havanasa and agree to help them.
  2. Gather 30 units of Uranium, which can be conveniently found on Epsilon Uxor IIa.
  3. Return with the uranium to Havanasa so they can make the bomb.
  4. Travel to their moon and plant the bomb.
  5. Return to one of their cities for your reward. 500 Xhelp Tails plus their gratitude.

Pirate problems

In the Sirius A system there are two species that are having some trouble from two Kzanti Intimidators.

  1. Go to Sirius A and speak with the Yim on Sirius Prime, the Urlon biosphere around Sirius III and the Kzanti pirates you like.
  2. Side with either the Yim and Urlons or the Kzanti.
    • For destroying the two Kzanti ships you can get 1000 RU from the Urlons and another 1000 RU from the Yim. Just be sure not to tell the Urlons about the bounty from the Yim.
    • For destroying the three transports you can get from the Kzanti either 2000 RU or a hyperdrive, Not so Cuddle Drive, depending on which ship you talk to. You could also destroy the pirate ships afterward.

Unhappy neighbors

The Urlons are unhappy they have to share Skekaye with the Yim.

  1. Talk with the Urlon and Yim settlements on Skekaye.

Yuggoth hungers

There is a rather hungry ship/creature/entity in Alpha Lynx.

  1. Obtain the Pink Lorris Egg from Beta Lynx III.
  2. Go to Alpha Lynx system and hail Yuggoth.
  3. Either agree to give it the egg, in which case it becomes pacified, or don’t and you will have to fight it.

The Hunt for the Clavis Aurea

  1. Make contact with a Radiant Angel, they can be located in the Lynx and Llvoren systems. Be prepared for a fight.
  2. Talk with the Tywom Urin on how to communicate with the Radiant Angels. His ship is near the Precursor starbase Monitor Deep, which is a little to the west of Alpha Llvoren.
  3. Go and talk with a Radiant Angel ship to learn they are searching for something called Clavis Aurea.
  4. Defeat Hastur and obtain the Clavis Caercem, see quest The Fate Of The Sacra.
  5. You can give the Clavis Caercem so they may dispose of it.
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