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Star Control: Origins – Trandals Quests

Trandals Quests

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Form an Alliance with the Trandals

The Trandals appear to be some kind of augmented species.

  1. Encounter a Trandal ship. They can be found in the Corpus systems.
  2. Don’t accept the upgrades. It will tell you to go to Pyst in Epsilon Llvoren and interact with the Ruins there.
  3. Go back and speak with a Trandal ship, if you refuse the upgrades again it will reveal the Trandals are actually husks controlled by an AI named Overmind.
  4. It will then give a choice between upgrades or spreading Overmind. You can attack it instead which will open another path to allying with the Overmind.
  5. There are several ways to ally with the Overmind:
    • Accept the upgrades.
      • After accepting the upgrades you will experience some unpleasantness. Speak with Star Control to learn more.
      • Remove the infection from your ship with the help of the Free Trandlals. See quest Help the Free Trandals.
    • Spread Overmind by taking its devices to the following planets:
      • Beta Itzpapalotl B I;
      • Alpha Orchidum VIII;
      • Polonox in the Pollox system.
    • Kill husks belonging to the Overmind. You will need to destroy two more fleets belonging to the Overmind.
  6. After you have completed one of the paths speak with an Overmind ship and you will have an alliance with the Overmind. You will get to choose 3 techs from the Overmind:
    • Overdrive (this is important)
    • Fleet Deflector Mark III
    • Lander Armor Mark II
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Strange Clues

Must install upgrades from Trandals to trigger.

  1. After installing the Trandals’ upgrades you should receive a message telling you about Alpha Naviculum III
  2. Go to Alpha Naviculum III and investigate the Beacon.
  3. Go to Beta Llvoren.

Meet the Free Trandals

Must install upgrades from Trandals to trigger.

  1. You should receive a message after some time telling you to meet the Free Trandals in Beta Llvoren.
  2. Go to Beta Llvoren.

Help the Free Trandals

The Free Trandals can free you from the Overmind infection, but first you will need to do something for them.

  1. Contact a Trandal ship in Beta Llvoren.
  2. Go to The Measured homeworld and ask them about the Trandals.
  3. Go to Delta Domos Ia and visit the Measured Land Office to find out the location of the Trandals’ homeworld.
  4. Go to Delta Gladius Ia, land and get the Trandals cultural artifacts.
  5. Return to Beta Llvoren and talk to a Trandal ship to be free of the Overmind and receive 2000 RU.

Free some Trandals from Overmind

The Free Trandals would like you to help some of their brethren escape the Overmind.

  1. After completing the previous quest the Free Trandals will make another request of you.
  2. Go to the following systems and broadcast the code to the Overmind ships. Watch out, some will attack you if you are not allied with the Overmind.
    • Iota Lynx;
    • Kappa Lynx;
    • Alpha Priaspus.
  3. Return to the free Trandals when done.
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