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Stoneshard Herbs & Mushrooms List (Effects & Stats)

Herbs will probably be used to make potions. but until they implement it you can still eat the ingredients (herbs) for similar effects.

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The most valuable herb is peppermint. eat when you enter a dungeon and for every 45th turn for a good boost. Horsetail is a good healing medicine.

Herbs List

List of all herbs in Stoneshard.


  • Energy Replenishment: +5
  • Health Restoration: +0.5% (45 x)
  • Immunity: +1%


Intoxication Change: -0.2% (45 x)
Pain Resistance: +5% (45 x)
Pain Change: -0.5% (45 x)
Morale Change: +0.1% (45 x)
Bleed Resistance: +3% (45 x)


Pain Resistance: +5% (45 x)
Energy Replenishment: +1
Health Restoration: +1% (45 x)
Immunity: +3%


Intoxication Change: +0.25% (45 x)
Pain Change: -0.25% (45 x)
Sanity Change: -0.15 (45 x)
Morale: +4%
Morale Change: +0.25% (45 x)


  • Intoxication Change: +0.1% (45 x)
  • Health Restoration: +0.2% (45 x)
  • Immunity: +1%


Intoxication Change: -0.01% (45 x)
Health Restoration: +0.25% (45 x)
Healing Efficiency: +5% (45 x)
Bleed Resistance: +5% (45 x)


Hunger Resistance:+5% (45 x)
Intoxication Change: +5% (45 x)
Healing Efficiency: +10% (45 x)
Immunity: +2%

Mushrooms List

List of all mushrooms in Stoneshard.


Hunger: -2%
Intoxication: -3%
Energy Replenishment: +2

Fly Argaric

Hunger: -1%
Intoxication: +40%
Sanity: -20%

Death Cap

Hunger: -1%
Intoxication: +60%
Sanity: -10%

Herbs & Mushrooms Tips

  • The most useful plant I’ve seen so far is Mindwort as it removes bad trip/drunk status effects so it’s great when used in combo with alcoholic beverages.
  • All these items are listed as “ingredients” but there’s no crafting/potion making yet in the game, so for the moment they’re just consumable items.
  • Herbs take a lot of space in the inventory so they’re not that useful to carry around, but during long trips they can help surviving fights and recovering faster afterwards as most of them have sedative properties. There will be probably be more to them once they implement crafting.

It’s end. I hope “Stoneshard Herbs & Mushrooms List (Effects & Stats)” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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Written by SEMICOLON

2 thoughts on “Stoneshard Herbs & Mushrooms List (Effects & Stats)”

  1. There are more mushrooms, just picked up one called a
    “Penny Bun”
    Hunger -1%
    Hunger Resistance +1% (30t)
    Health Restoration +2%(30t)
    6g value

  2. Also- Mushroom stats changed for the others it seems,
    Fly Agaric
    Hunger -1%
    Intoxication +30%
    Pain -15%
    Pain Resistance +60%(30 t)
    Sanity -10%
    Value 4

    Death Cap
    Hunger -1%
    Intoxication +100%
    Value 3


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