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Street Fighter 6 Increase Resolution and Overall Image Quality

This guide is based on a lot of tests I have done on the Demo & Open Beta version of the game.

Increase Resolution and Overall Image Quality

1- First make sure your internal in game resolution is set to 5 only and then close the game.

2- Second go to the steam game directory where you installed Street Fighter 6 then find the file called config.ini open it and search for:

ImageQualityRate=X – (Change this value from 1 ~ 2 or whatever value you like)

3- Copy any value you like from the list below and replace it so it should look like this ImageQualityRate=2 finally save and close the config.ini file but make sure your PC can handle 200% if not then try lower values.

For example:

  • ImageQualityRate=0.5 = 50% (Lowest image quality but gains a lot of performance)
  • ImageQualityRate=0.8 = 80%
  • ImageQualityRate=1 = 100% (Default)
  • ImageQualityRate=1.2 = 120%
  • ImageQualityRate=1.25 = 125%
  • ImageQualityRate=1.5 = 150%
  • ImageQualityRate=1.75 = 175%
  • ImageQualityRate=1.8 = 180%
  • ImageQualityRate=2 = 200% – (Highest image quality and most demanding)

4- Additionally I suggested you to turn off Bloom and Motion Blur for even better and crisper/cleaner image quality.

Note: This guide might get updated or changed based on what might change in the game graphics settings or when new graphics tech added over the years in the future, Have Fun.

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