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Swag and Sorcery: Swamp Guide

Grind for resources, manage your own fantasy village, create and equip your heroes and send them to collect swag in Swag and Sorcery – a new streamlined RPG from the creators of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper.

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Swamp Guide

The Swamp’s most important item is the Stomach Jelly, and perhaps the Calico, but you’re gonna need the Stomach Jelly for tons of Blueprints at the Fashion House and to craft weapons. The Calico is needed for many of the Magic Store’s items.

Recommended level: 24-50

Resources: Calico, Maple Log, Stomach Jelly, Powerful Essence, Sweet Grass, Shell, Cocoon, Magic Chips

Monsters (Approximate stats)

Monster HP STR AGI INT STA DEF NAT ICE FIRE DARK Crit Chance Crit Damage
Stump 292 122 122 188 66 66 207 167 247 197 24% 150%
Slug 370 140 50 90 90 102 212 102 192 202 10% 150%
Dark Caterpillar 436 61 173 112 112 115 88 118 158 178 34% 150%
Hermit 547 96 96 53 149 164 153 123 163 153 19% 150%


This is no different than the Hot Springs in terms of difficulty. Apply the same strategy: get Maple Logs, withdraw. At least at first and until you get better gear.

Rainbow Snake

The Rainbow Snake can attack all party members with Fire damage, it’s not a bad idea to get resistance against fire. Its biggest weakness is Dark damage, it has -47 resistance against Dark, meaning it takes extra damage. Buff your characters, equip them with Dark damage, stock up on mana, potions and it’ll go down easily.

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