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System Shock Obtaining the out-of-bounds Security Audio Log with Double Leaning

There is an audio log out of bounds in security. This guide will show you how to grab it.

Obtaining the out-of-bounds Security Audio Log with Double Leaning

The Audio Log

This audio log spawns inside the left wall as soon as you exit the elevator leading from Engineering to Security. If you have Sensaround on, you can see it on your minimap:

Obtaining the out-of-bounds Security Audio Log with Double Leaning

I tried to interact with it without glitches but couldn’t find an angle to grab it.

The Double Lean Glitch

So, System shock doesn’t let you use modifier keys when rebinding controls. For example, you couldn’t put the map to CTRL + M.

This was a problem for me, as I like to use E as my interact key, but also Q and E make the most sense for leaning, so I wanted to map them to a modifier like one of my side mouse buttons, similar to Wolfenstein.

So my solution was to make an Autohotkey script. I bound Mouse 4 + Q/E to a different key (such as ] and [), and then rebound leaning to those keys.

The only problem with my script was that if I let go of the mouse button before I let go of Q or E, the lean button would be stuck held down. But due to this, I found a way to effectively lean in the same direction twice and screw up your camera.

By letting go of the mouse button whilst leaning, and then repeatedly pressing the mouse button + the other lean button, you’ll eventually cause your character to lean twice in the same direction.

I’m not sure how to perform the trick without the Autohotkey script. I’m sure someone with interest could figure it out.

Putting it all together

So now that you know where the log is, and how to perform the double lean glitch, let’s run through the steps to get this audio log.

First of all you need to download AutoHotKey v1.1 (just google it, Steam doesn’t like links).
Once you’ve done that, right-click your desktop and create a new AHK script, and paste the following into it:

#SingleInstance force
#IfWinActive System Shock

;XButton1 is Mouse4. If you don't have a 4th mouse button, change it to something else.

XButton1 & Q::[   ; Make sure to rebind "Lean Left" to [ in your control settings.

XButton1 & E::]   ; Make sure to rebind "Lean Right" to ] in your control settings.

Save the script to your desktop and run it.
Go into your control settings in-game, and change “Lean Right” and “Lean Left” to ] and [ respectively.
You can put them on something else, but you will have to change them in the script to match.

Now you’re ready to perform the glitch. Go to the wall with the audio log and perform the following steps:

  • Hold down Mouse4, and hold E to lean right.
  • Let go of Mouse4, and you should still be leaning right. Let go of E, and you should still be leaning.
  • Repeatedly press Mouse4 and Q over and over until your character leans further to the right. You are now double leaning.
  • Push your new camera angle into the wall and grab the audio log.
  • Save and reload to fix your camera.

And you’re done! You can close the Autohotkey script by right clicking it in your taskbar!

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