Bad North – Unit Summaries

Bad North - Unit Summaries

Descriptions of the pros and cons to each unit class, as well as how they interact with different enemy types. I’ve also included a section of miscellaneous strategy tips. Up shields! Infantrymen are the versatile all-rounder units. They shine for their mobility in combat, as well as the shields they bear which make them near … Read more

Bad North – Enemies Guide and Tips

Bad North - Enemies Guide and Tips

A guide to the enemies in Bad North, and a couple tips I had up my sleeves. Enemies Guide Swords Threat Level: ★☆☆☆☆ These are your basic enemy, could also be called “Militia” These all black scum bags carry only a sword and have no protection at all. They are killed in 1 hit from … Read more

Bad North – Strategy Tips

Bad North - Strategy Tips

Strategy Tips The surface level strategy to bad north follows a rock-paper-scissors dynamic: Shields beat projectiles, projectiles beat polearms, polearms beat shields. It’s always a good idea to study the island before you commit to a battle and plan out your units’ positions and backup plans. When you choose an island on the campaign map, … Read more