eFootball PES 2020: PS4 Special Controls

eFootball PES 2020

PS4 Special Controls 1. Super Cancel Press R1 and R2 to cancel whatever action the player was about to take and regain full control. This includes shooting or passing. 2. Positioning (High Balls) You can adjust the positioning by using LEFT STICK while holding R2. 3. Change Strategy Switch Preset Tactics by holding the Up … Read more

eFootball PES 2020: How Scripting Works

eFootball PES 2020 How Scripting Works

This is a brief guide outlining what scripting is in PES 2020 and how it can impact matches online and offline against the AI. What is Scripting? Scripting is a controversial underlying aspect present in a minority of videogames where gameplay is secretly manipulated by the backend code of the software that drastically impacts the … Read more