Garry’s Mod: List of Emotes (Act Commands)

Garry's Mod List of Emotes (Act Commands)

Have you ever seen a group of people dancing on a server and ended up feeling left out due to you not knowing how to join in? Has somebody ever waved to you in-game but you didn’t wave back as you were unable to? Well this guide is for you! This guide should teach you … Read more

Garry’s Mod – How to Make a Basic Functional Plane

Garry's Mod - How to Make a Basic Functional Plane

The aim of this guide is to provide some info and/or teach how to make a plane (or planes) the basic way (i know). The Fuselage The fuselage is the body of the plane of which will contain parts like: Wings, Cockpit, Seats, Tail, etc. it’s recommended that you have a heavy piece to act … Read more