Madden NFL 20 Controls for PS4 & Xbox One

Madden NFL 20 Controls

You can see what every button on the controller does before the snap as well as after the snap. The controls look mostly the same as in previous Madden games but it is always good to get a refresher. Check out the full Madden 20 controls below. Other Madden NFL 20 Guides: Madden NFL 20 … Read more

Madden NFL 20 PC Keyboard Controls

Madden NFL 20 Controls

Madden NFL 20 on PC fully supports the Xbox One Wireless Controller and offers a new control scheme for the keyboard and mouse. By itself, the keyboard can be used to navigate all menus and play the game, with the mouse adding additional control over both menu navigation and gameplay. Other Madden NFL 20 Guides: … Read more

Madden NFL 20 Achievements & Trophies List (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Madden NFL 20 Achievements & Trophies List

Superstars change the game in Madden NFL 20. Become the Face of the Franchise and control your NFL superstar journey starting in the College Football Playoff, compete against or play with friends online or side by side, take your team from pre-season to Super Bowl champions, and be at the center of every play so … Read more