Second Chance Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Notes Legend: ✦ Action. ✧ Choice. Walkthrough Part I ✦ Click at the marked thing in main menu until you hear a sound, then start a new game. ✧ Answer the call Deja vu Chuh-chuh! Thuu-thuu! ✧ Check pockets ✦ SAVE 1 ✧ No, the train only just left. ✧ I really should accompany her! … Read more

Second Chance – All Achievements

Second Chance - All Achievements

Just a guide to all but 3 achievements in this game. All Achievements I’m currently missing 3 acheievements, 101, and 2 secret ones, but here are the rest: Tea Ceremony: Choose to drink tea with either Neny or Jace. Can’t remember which Cad: Give the “I’ve been waiting here for ages” responce when talking to … Read more