Simmiland – Starter Guide: “How to not starve to death”

Welcome! This is a quick starter guide to help players stabilize their early game (and not starve to death). Most of these will be from playing inspect on the resource with the (>) pointer. Sticks, Stones & Farms Fire >Thunder Pickaxe >Boulder (Mineral – Plains/Woods) -Twig (Plant – Wasteland/Beach) -Rock (Sample* – Boulder) Axe >Tree … Read more

Simmiland – Beginner Tips and Common Mistakes

Simmiland - Beginner Tips and Common Mistakes

The fun of Simmiland is figuring out how to progress. Consequently, I encourage players to try to figure things out on their own before using this guide. The most spoiler-heavy information is in the endgame section. I think the one piece of information that players are unlikely to be able to figure out on their … Read more

Simmiland – Useful Tips and Tricks

Simmiland - Useful Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips and Tricks If you’re still struggling, here are some common mistakes and bits of advice for new players: 1. If your Faith goes over 1000 too early in the game, humans will build a Church which gives you infinite Faith but caps your IQ at 120, preventing further progress. Faith goes up when … Read more