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Simmiland – Conditions for Biomes and the Effects of Sun, Rain, and Wind

This guide summarizes the basic numbers behind sun, rain, and wind, as well as the causes of biomes.

Tile Info and Biomes

Click the dotted-outline square icon at the top of the screen to open the Tile Info window, then mouse over a tile to see more information about it.

The word in white is the name of the biome the tile belongs to. The value in green is the temperature. The value in blue is the humidity.

Temperature does not seem to have a lower limit. It may be raised to a maxium of 40 C by normal means, but will stay at roughly 1000 C in the Volcano biome. Humidity strictly ranges from 0-100%.

The following are the requirements for specific biomes, as I have observed:

Biome / Heat (C) / Humidity (%)

  • Wasteland / 0-25 / 0-20
  • Plains/Woods / 0-25 / 20-50
  • Swamp / 0-25 / 50-100
  • Desert / 25-40 / 0-40
  • Tropic / 25-40 / 40-100
  • Tundra / Below 0 / 0-30
  • Snowfield / Below 0 / 30-100

Causes of other biomes not affected by temperature and humidity:

Biome / Cause

  • Sea – Generated at start or by Meteor
  • Deep Sea – Generated at start or by Meteor
  • Sand – Generated at start or by Meteor
  • Mountain – Generated by Quake or Meteor
  • Volcano – Generated by Quake on Mountain biome
  • Oil Reservoir – Generated by Quake on Desert biome
  • Woods – Spreads between Trees on Plains, or around Apple Trees
    Temperature and humidity requirements similar to Plains
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Sun, Rain and Wind

I will summarize Sun and Rain first, since they’re more straightforward.

Sun and Rain are effective in the pattern pictured, with a radius of six:

The X is the center where the card is deployed, the Desert tiles represent those affected by the card.

From the center to the edge, by tile, the effects are estimated as follows (note that displayed values are truncated in-game):

Sun, temperature increased per tile:

+7.5 C, +6.5 C, +6 C, +5.5 C, +5.5 C, +5 C

Sun, humidity decreased per tile:

-27%, -23%, -18%, -13%, -9%, -5%

Rain, temperature decreased per tile:

-9 C, -8 C, -7.5 C, -7 C, -6.5 C, -6 C

Rain, humidity increased per tile:

+66%, +55%, +44%, +33%, +22%, +11%

Wind is a little more complicated. Wind has an elongated hitbox with a greater variety of temperature changes. Fortunately, Wind does not affect humidity.

Wind blows from the source to the base (where Mankind was placed at the game’s start). The following chart shows the temperature decrease, in C, per tile, with the tile B representing the base, the arrow showing direction, and the red tile being where Wind is deployed.


Perhaps the most important takeaways from this guide are the effects of Rain and Sun and the requirements for the Tropic biome, since it tends to be the most finicky biome to create. That being said, the most time went into finding the values for Wind.

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