Stray How to disable Anti-Aliasing (Making the game less blurry)

Stray How to disable Anti-Aliasing

A guide on disabling the forced Temporal Anti-Aliasing featured in this game, which should make the overall image quality much sharper, especially in motion. Editing Engine.ini First, press the Windows key + R at the same time. The following window should appear – type in appdata and click ok: Next, navigate down through the following … Read more

Stray – The Slums Map

Stray - The Slums Map

Detailed map of The Slums. Icons for NPC’s, story items, collectables and more! Stray – The Slums Map This is my map of The Slums from STRAY. It was hard to be perfect so a few spots are off, but it should be easy to follow. I added in details that mark climbable objects to … Read more

Stray How to Enable HDR

Stray How to Enable HDR

Don’t know why most HDR in-game looks wash out but some people like it cuz it is not over saturated. Enabling HDR Add these line in Engine.ini r.HDR.EnableHDROutput=1 r.HDR.Display.OutputDevice=5 r.HDR.UI.CompositeMode=1 r.HDR.Display.ColorGamut=2 r.HDR.UI.Level=1.5 Engine.ini┬álocation : C:\Users\(yourname)\AppData\Local\Hk_project\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Stray Alphabet: A decoded list of Stray’s letters

Stray Alphabet

A decoded list of Stray’s letters, containing their Latin alphabet translations. Preface To quickly preface this guide, I must add that it is currently unfinished. (finished) To note the issues: X and Z are missing from the list. (added) It is still unknown to me if the Q detailed is the actual Q. (confirmed) I … Read more