Tannenberg: List of the Squads and Their Weapon Loadouts

List of the squads and their weapon loadouts in Tannenberg. Frontovik Type: Infantry Roles & Loadouts: Unter-Ofitser Nagant M1895 + Binoculars + Sablja obr. 1881g Mosin-Nagant M1891 + bayonet + Binoculars Smith & Wesson No.3 + M1914 Frag x1 + Binoculars Strelok Mosin-Nagant M1891 + bayonet Winchester M1895 M1870 Berdan II + bayonet Navodcik Mosin-Nagant … Read more

Tannenberg – Squad Guide: Infanterie

Loadout, Abilities and tactics for the relentless german assault squad, the Infanterie. Basic Informations The Infanterie is a german assault squad that kind of resembles the StoƟtruppen from the Western Front. As their counterpart in Verdun, the Infanterie is an aggressive squad which uses gas. General Abilities Offensive – 50% more weight when capturing enemy … Read more

Tannenberg – Basic Training for the Eastern Front

All the informations you need to get started in Tannenberg. Also suitable for veterans of the Western Front. Battles on the Eastern Front and how they differ from the Western Front Welcome to the Eastern Front. In this guide, I will try to give veterans of Verdun and players that are completely new to M2Hs … Read more