WWE 2K22: Screen tearing fix

WWE 2K22 Screen tearing fix

After seeing quite a few complaints about screen tearing, and having experienced it myself. I decided to just make a guide on how to fix it. and it’s actually quite simple. Sadly this game has no vsync option built in, despite there being a vsync line in the config file, which is oddly set to … Read more

WWE 2K22 Locker Codes (myFACTION Mode Rewards)

WWE 2K22 Locker Codes

This guide is dedicated to the locker codes avaiable to use in MyFACTION mode. WWE 2K22 Locker Codes Locker Code Reward WWESUPERCARDS8 Emerald Drew McIntyre, Emerald Sasha Banks, Gold Randy Orton. *Limited YOUCOMPLETEDGM Emerald Manager Triple H. NOFLYZONE Emerald Drew Gulak. How to Redeem Locker Codes in WWE 2K22 If you’re playing WWE 2K22, odds … Read more

WWE 2K22 MyGM Tips and Tricks

WWE 2K22 MyGM Tips and Tricks

Do 15 weeks if your trying to get the achievement of winning MyGM. WWE 2K22 MyGM Tips 1. At start of draft make sure your superstars you want to pick have good stamina, if not just restart, 90 is the highest, 75+ is good. 2. Pick Giants vs Crusierweight, Fighter vs Bruiser, and Specialist. Have … Read more

WWE 2K22 Bug Resolution Guide: List of Errors and Fixes

WWE 2K22 Bug Resolution Guide List of Errors and Fixes

Collection of different errors and their fixes as shared in the wider community. This is an attempt at writing a guide to list all errors that people seem to be facing with WWE 2K22 on the PC and also listing the possible and popular resolutions that have helped people tide over those errors. A single … Read more

WWE 2K22 How to fix for double speed gameplay

WWE 2K22 How to fix for double speed gameplay

I have seen lots of new negative reviews and concerns based around the 2x speed bug. This is a result of 2k trying to fix the 30fps I think by uncapping the frame-rate on all gameplay. This can easily be fixed by enabling the TIMED GAME UPDATE, setting found in the options. It is found … Read more