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Terraria: How to Gain Life Fruits (Easy Tips)

Terraria: How to Gain Life Fruits

How to gain Life fruits pretty easy.

Spelunker potions –

  • Highlights ore and important items like Life fruit plants.
  • Helps so much when it’s dark.

Jungle –

  • Life fruits only spawn after one mechanical boss has been defeated.
  • They only appear in the jungle underground.


Life fruits take 1-2 Terraria days for them to regrow.

So after that you can re-check areas.


  • Check your map while digging around.
  • They take awhile to respawn so checking new places is better.

You can also see life fruits on the map.

Goblin Tech

Made from:

  • Metal detector.
  • StopWatch.
  • Dps meter.

Will display a message at the top right of the screen if a Life fruit is nearby!

Calamity mod

If you’re running Calamity mod:

  • Living shard.
  • Planty mush.

You can craft Life fruits without finding them by killing planterra and digging.

Fast spawn

Build a house in the Jungle biome with a bed for quick spawn incase of death.

Terraria How to Gain Life Fruits (Easy Tips)


  • Get some mud blocks and make a strip.
  • Plant some jungle seeds which are found in the jungle.
  • Wait 1-2 Terraria days and a chance for life fruit will appear.


  • Life fruits have no 100% way of finding them.
  • They grow randomly after hard mode.
  • Just gotta keep up the grind.
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