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The Banner Saga 3 – Choices Guide (Walkthrough)

This choice guide is based on a TBS Decompiler readthrough. I had difficulty understanding certain parts and finding certain items in my cross-referencing, but for the most part, this is decently thorough. I will hopefully clean it up at some point. Please let me know if you find any blatant errors.

A general rule of thumb is that bad things happen if you lose a battle, and sometimes, good things will happen if you win battles. I did not include this information in this guide, as battles were the hardest for me to sort out.

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chat with Oddleif
No matter what path in conversation you take, Morale +15

Chat with Petrus
“May I offer some advice?”
“Please do” leads to +15 morale

Chat with Rugga (if on his side). No lasting consequences

Chat with Petrus. Nothing happens.

Chat with king
“convince him on my behalf”
“Am I truly the best choice for this” leads to +10 renown
“An in return” leads to “flagName”: “@happening=16_king_item”
“My clansmen have many needs”
“We are short on food and supplies” leads to +100 supplies
“We need protection” leads to +20 fighters
“We need a safe place” leads to setting your camp on the black rock, which prevents
peasant and fighter deaths later.

Fasolt and Hakon chat. Nothing happens.

Petrus and Oddleif chat.
If Rook:
“Then I’m very much accepting” leads to oddleif becoming pregnant (purely dialogue

If inside the walls , second fight is in Rugga’s tent. Win or lose, outcome is the same, except:
If you win, “Break his nose” changes his appearance in dialogues.

Angry people fight horseborn. No choices.

Ambush on Petrus’ men. First two choices result in battle (renown).
“Stand aside” leads to no fight.
If Gudmundr is there(?) after the fight, he’ll ask to join you.
“Fight like you did there and you’re welcome to join with us.” leads to Peasants+113,
fighters+54, supplies+13, morale+15

Oddleif chat about where to put camp.
“As far in as possible, near the great hall.\”” and “\”It’s your call, Oddleif. I trust your
judgment.\”” lead to least clansmen losses later, aside from setting camp on the black rock.
Other leads to most clansmen losses later.

Peasants bother you.
“\”We’ve already got more clansmen than we can manage.\”” leads to day +0.25
“\”Any allies are welcome in these times.\”” leads to Peasants +100, fighters+10, supplies+50,
“Keep your head down, trying to avoid a scene.” leads to morale-5, day+0.1

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

No important decisions until “Folka’s face turns red enough to melt snow. She screams, and you only barely manage to turn aside her spear. Others are drawing weapons.”
“Respond fast and hard, with a show of force.” leads to Ekkil dying, if you have him.

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chat with Ludin in camp for +15 renown.

Tryggvi chat
“Quickly! What’s your question?”
“I could certainly use one right now.”
“You’ve asked three or four already, why stop now?” leads to receiving Tryggvi’s upgraded
necklace and morale+15
Any other course of action leads to morale +10

Chat with Yrsa leads to +15 renown

Rugga chat in prison does not have any consequential choices.

Chat with Fasolt and Hakon.
“Just do us this favor and you’ll have your fight, I promise!” leads to Fasolt and many Varl
leaving. Barrels are set up.
“Hakon, please help us. We can’t do this alone.” leads to nothing(?) and no barrels.
“Idiot! Use your head, don’t throw your life away!” leads to Hakon leaving the party(?)
“Help us and you’ll have half our remaining supplies, for your varl. We’ll manage with less.”
leads to all Varl staying, lose 1/2 supplies. barrels set up.

Chat with Rugga in prison again. I had a lot of difficulty sorting out what consequences these
choices have. It seems they may be related to slight changed in upcoming combats, but I’m
not 100% sure on this one.

The dredge break through the walls.
If your camp is by the gates, peasants -149, fighters-43.
If your camp is near the top, peasants -57, fighters-16
If your camp is on the black rock, no losses

Ruin fight, if Canary is with your party, Ubin will show up(?) Does he show up any other time?

Going through town, you find peasants who need help.
“Leave your own fighters to protect as many people as possible.” leads to +45peasants,
-12fighters, +10 morale
“Evacuate as many as you can to your camp.” leads to +94 peasants and +20 morale
“Strike hard at the dredge, slaying as many as you can.” leads to + 54 peasants.
“Call to those nearby to get behind your shields.” leads to +13 peasants and +5 morale.

Menders working on walls:
If Egil is alive, “Do as much as you can at the walls.” will lead to his death.
“Send word to the caravan to get clansmen involved in repairs.” leads to -20 peasants and
wall patched without Egil dying.
Passing them by leads to nothing, but wall not as fixed, which causes more problems later.

People breaking up boats:
“You’re just going to let them?” leads to day +0.1
“Break up the crowd of deserters.” leads to day +0.25
“Force Petrus to stop the ships and take them apart for lumber.” leads to day +.5

Nid talks to you.
“Don’t go. Let me protect you.” leads to Nid leaving
“Good luck, Nid.” leads to Nid leaving
“Stay, Nid. I’ve known cowards, and you’re not one of them.” leads to Nid staying, and day +1

Loyalists of Rugga’s accost you in the street.
“I’ll get to Rugga after I deal with this, myself.” leads to a premature death for the king.
“Don’t go easy on them, Petrus.” allows the king to die later in the story.

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Folka wants to rest.
“Encourage a full rest, only a few sleeping at a time.” leads to harder fight.
Other two choices lead to same difficulty of fight. Not sure if other differences.

Godstone with stoneslinger.
“We can do that much.” leads to dredge dying and +14 renown
“Alfrun, what’s the dredge’s side of the story?” leads to progress.
“They don’t eat children, and this isn’t our problem.” leads to progress.
“Enough. Keep your trinkets and the dredge, both. We’re leaving.” leads to +24 renown
“Convince the stonehurler to come along, Alfrun.” leads to +34 renown and dredge joins
“It did slay all these men. We can’t take the risk. I’ll do as the woman asks.” leads to +34
renown and you get the trinket. Dredge dies

Chat with Folka:
“Alright, Folka. You made yourself clear.” leads to +15 morale.

Chat with Alfrun gives +15 renown.

Crossing the land bridge:
“Take an alternate route.” leads to Sigbjorn dying
All other options lead to unsure outcomes.

Skulker eggs.
“Smash as many as you can before continuing.” leads to morale +10
“Allow the stonehurler to do whatever she seems to want to do.” leads to new stonehurler

Krumr betting who would win in a fight.
“I wouldn’t even need both arms.” leads to +10 morale.

Brambles and forest blocking people.
“Take a rest before pushing into the forest.” leads to Mogun dying.
If “Move from clearing to clearing, quick but exposed.” is available, choose that one for “best
option,” notes say.

Chat with Bersi.
“Sit quietly until the others wake up.” leads to +15 morale.

Leading into Ridgehorn
“Agree with Folka’s plan.” leads to Folka, Oli, and Sparr splitting off. Is this good? They show
up in a fight later, which makes it harder, but I’m not certain if other differences.

Chat with Sparr gives +20 Morale.

Chat with Juno. No choices of consequence

Folka and Bolverk chat. 
“Pull Folka away before something goes wrong.” leads to saving Folka. Else, she dies.

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Aleo wakes you up. No options of consequence.

Chat with Ubin and horseborn.
“Are you sure they want that?” leads to progress.
“Approach the horseborn and offer them protection under your banner.” leads to +23
fighters and +0.2 day
“Have a horseborn ally speak to them on your behalf.” leads to more progress.
“Ask Ro’Ech, tribe leader, to speak on your behalf.” leads to +34 fightes, +0.2 day
“Ask Scathach, skilled trader, to speak on your behalf.” leads to +57 fighters, +0.2
Leaving the conversation without doing anything leads to +.1 day

Trouble at the walls. Repair needed.
“Give them a token number of volunteer fighters to help patch the walls and stand guard.”
leads to -5 fighters, +5 morale
“Give them enough fighters to get the job done quick- a few dozen, at least.” leads to -20
fighters, +10 morale, and +2 days on doomsday timer.
“Ignore them.” leads to -5 morale.

Starving people.
“Share your own personal supply and allow your clansmen to do as they please.” leads to -5
“Leave a sizable bundle of food with the survivors.” leads to -25 supplies
“Ignore the beggars.” leads to nothing.
“Promise to do what you can, when you have time.” leads to morale -5

“Dredge killer” lady
“I know as much as any of you.” leads to +11 peasants.
“Hold out hope! I personally know the Valka are well on their way to fixing this.” leads to
+112 peasants.
“Things are bad, but we’ll survive one day at a time.” leads to +57 peasants
“Leave me alone, I’m no champion.” leads to -5 morale.

Inviting dredge in.
Not inviting them in means all your heroes will survive. I do not know how this affects the
combat later. You won’t get Bastion, a lever 13 stoneguard, if you do this.
Inviting them in without baby makes your hero die.
Inviting them in with baby going with Oddleif makes Oddleif die unless Alette is a mender.
Then, she’ll only be injured.
Inviting them in with baby going alone makes all survive.

Chat with Zefr after has no choices.

Chapter 21


Dytch stuck in hole.
Three choies, but unclear what each does, as they seem to be linked to combat. If you
choose to create a distraction, your characters are scattered a bit, but drawing weapons and
surrounding him allows you to set your characters back a bit, I think.

“A short rest.” leads to +10 morale, -0.9 day, and a flag set. (unclear what it does)
“We shouldn’t stop now.” leads to -1.7 day and same flag set.
“Walk it off, milk maids” leads to -10 morale but no flag and no time passage.

Eyeball monster
“Hide within a dredge dwelling until it passes.” leads to -1.6 days
“Split into groups in case it gives chase.” leads to -1.1 days
“Run for it and hope it doesn’t notice.” leads to nothing.

Grass shards
“Move carefully and quietly to avoid wounds or noise.” leads to -2.1 days
“Let Folka and the other shield wielders bash a path.” leads to +10 morale (and -0.5 days if
no Folka).
“Keep up your pace and tough it out.” leads to morale -5 and days -1.3

Frozen ocean
“Maybe for small folk. Let’s skirt the edge.” leads to -1.6 days
“Spread out in single file and push onto the ice.” leads to nothing
“Rest and prepare better to move across ice.” leads to a flag being set. (it took a lot of time
when I did this in the playthrough, but I didn’t see time passage in the notes.)

Searching for Juno
“Separate into two groups to search a larger area.” leads to Bak dies and fight.
“Methodically comb back and forth as you go.” leads to -1.1 days and a fight.
“Keep heading in your current direction.” leads to -2.7 days and return to choices.

“What do we do” about Juno’s body.
“Eyvind?” leads to +22 renown
“Screw this. We go back to Arberrang.” leads to +6 renown and -5 morale. Makes Eyvind
grumpy later.
“We finish what we came to do.” leads to +38 renown.

Seeing hallucinations
“Make a joke at Oli’s expense.” leads to nothing.
“Encourage everyone to toughen up.” leads to -5 morale
“Ask Eyvind if he can do anything to help.” leads to +15 morale

Juno alive again
No choice differences.

Juno explains her history.
No choice differences.

tap the bell with weapon for nothing
pull hard on the rope to obtain an item and fight a relatively tough battle
Leave for nothing.

Chat with Oli
Guess I’ll just keep quiet, then.” leads to +15 morale

Tistelberry Mead
“Tell them to stop drinking and be quiet.” leads to -5 morale
“Tune them out and keep focused.” leads to nothing
“listen to them” leads to +25 morale no matter the choice after.

Eyvind Chat
+15 morale regardless

Starving, found mushrooms.
“Step up and take a chance” for +20 morale.
Else for -0.5 days

Oli and Valgard argument
No choices of consequence

Crowd of warped, shadows
“try to weave around them” goes poorly, I think?
“charge” appears to be best.

Field of dredge bodies
“I don’t know or care. Let’s get out of here.” leads to nothing
“Inspect the dredge briefly for clues.” leads to -0.4 days and +5 renown, -5 morale
“Tell everyone to spread out and look for anything valuable.” leads to item, -5 morale, -1.2

Bolverk Confrontation
If you charge Bolverk, it will remove the “rounds” element of the fight, but Iver will be right in
front of Bolverk. Only do this if Iver is first in your lineup so you can retreat him or attack on
the first turn before Bolverk trashes him.


“Say a quiet prayer to yourself.” gives +3 day, +5 morale, +10 renown
“Give a speech to your caravan.” leads to +4 day, +10 morale, +20 renown
“Raise a feast to honor the dead.”leads to +2 day, +25 morale, +40 renown

Chat with Aleo
No choices, but +15 morale anyway.

Outskirts, food rationing
“Combine and ration the remaining food tightly.” leads to +1.5 days
“Send armed forces to pillage what they can from other clans.” leads to +2 days
“Encourage everyone to fend for themselves.” leads to +1 day

Reinforcing the walls:
“The walls are yours, Ludin. Your father would be proud.” gives +3 days
“Petrus, gather your guards. You’re in charge here.” gives +2 days
“I’m putting the horseborn to work. Get Scathach.” gives +2 days
“We can’t spare anyone, Zefr. Hold out as well you can.” gives +1 day

(If Ruin left alive) Ruin causing trouble:
“Improve fortifications and keep fighters prepared.” leads to +1 day
“Send a mender to scout into the darkness and report back.” does nothing
“Save your time and resources for later.” leads to +2 days

Fire spreading
“Rally able bodies and help put it out.” leads to progress
“Cut your losses and retreat.” leads to day +0.3
“Double down and get the varl involved before the whole city burns.” leads to Griss
dying and days +0.6
“Let things play out on their own.” leads to day +0.3
“This is an opportunity to press an attack.” leads to + 0.9 days

Chat with Egil
If you’re Allette, “Kiss him on the cheek.” leads to budding, young love. Aww…

Chat with Eirik (if with you)
No choices of consequence.

Chat with Hogun (if still fighting in party)
+15 morale regardless of choices.

Chat with Mogr
+15 morale regardless of choices.

Chat with Ubin
+15 morale regardless of choice.

Chat with Zefr
“What’s your plan now?” gives you an item.
All choices lead to +15 morale, anyway.

Arberrang twisted clansmen attack.
If you left no one in charge of the wall’s defenses, Petrus and Ludin die, and you get +0.5 days.
If you left Ludin in charge, you get +1.3 days
If you left Petrus in charge, you get +0.7 days
If you left Scathach in charge, he dies, and you get +0.4 days

Downstairs drunks and mead
“Save the supplies and wait for help to arrive.” leads to +1.4 days and saving the mead
“Use the barrels to help repel the warped.” leads to +0.7 days, -5 morale, and no mead.
“Rouse the drunks to stand their ground and fight!” leads to Tryggvi dying and +0.5 days (+ an
extra 0.2 if Tryggvi dies)

Setting up watch on the black wall
“Forget the watch. Exhaustion is a bigger threat right now.” leads to +1.3 days
“The strong protect the weak. Let volunteers take watch.” leads to +0.9 days
“Force everyone to take their fair turn.” +0.3 days and Hogun dies.

Hakon and Canary arguing about poop.
“Stop this! Who amongst us isn’t ready to die yet?!” leads to +0.3 days and Hakon and Canary
both join party if one is missing?
“We don’t have to like each other, settle this another time!” leads to +0.2 days
“I’m done playing the peacemaker! Go ahead and tear each other to pieces!” leads to +0.1 days
and both Hakon and Canary leave the party?

Dallren giving you bread.
“You’re right, Dallren. I’ll make sure this bread will be put to best use.” gives +0.5 days
“I know everyone won’t make it, but we have to try.” gives +0.3 days
“Nobody starves on my watch. Nobody.” gives +0.1 days

Chapter 21 (W.I.P)

Chapter 21

“Time has become as much of a threat as the warped themselves.”
If you lost the battle directly before this, Gunnulf will die, and you’ll get +0.1 days
If you won the battle before this but do not have Gunnulf,
“Say prayers for the dead and cover exposed holes.” leads to +0.3 days
“Dig out as many bodies as you can see.” leads to +0.2 days
“Raise the collapsed wall back up to reach anyone who might be trapped underneath.”
leads to +0.1 days and Egil dies.
If you won the battle and do have Gunnulf,
“Tell Gunnulf to let go and get to safety.” leads to progress (unless you have Ubin. Then
you get +0.4 days straightaway)
“Order Gunnulf to drop the wall.” leads to +0.4 days
“Dig through the rubble while Gunnulf holds up the wall.” + 0.3 days and Gunnulf
“Get more people to help Gunnulf with the wall and others to look for survivors.”
“Dig through the rubble while Gunnulf holds up the wall.” leads to +0.3 days and Gunnulf
“Get more people to help Gunnulf with the wall while you look for survivors.” leads to +0.5
days, and Gunnulf and Egil both die.

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Eyvind final conversation
“We waited, because we trusted you.” leads to good convo +1
“We could have waited at Sigrholm forever, and she would have never come.” gives good
convo +1
“I wouldn’t have waited for Rook or Alette either.” does nothing
“So you will decide who is to be saved?” leads to good convo +1
“How were we supposed to know what was going on?”
“Trust? All of this was your doing, Eyvind!”
“And yet, the dredge child lives on, even now.” ledas to good convo+1
“We overcame that fear. Can you ask for more than that?” leads to good convo+1
“You’d rather sink the whole ship than try to patch the hole?” leads to good convo+1
“It was wrong, but what’s done is done.” does nothing
“You’re naive to think that it would stay harmless forever.” does nothing
“And what of the dredge killing ours?” does nothing
“You’ve had plenty of time to ask that stonehurler how she feels about it.” leads to good
“I will continue to hope until the day there’s nothing to hope for.” good convo +1
“I might agree, if it were all nothing but misery.” good convo +1
“You can’t expect most people to sympathize with the dredge.” does nothing
“You can’t burn everything down over a few mistakes!” does nothing
“Don’t give in to weakness.” does nothing
“option”: “Three days.” good convo +1
“Whether I remember this proves nothing.” does nothing
“I only remember that she was not left there to die, thanks to us.” good convo +1
“Three days?” good convo +1
“Four days.” does nothing
“To be honest, I do not remember her.” does nothing
if Iver carried Juno, you get goodconvo+1
if Iver did not take her, then you get nothing

“Trust Eyvind and wait.” choice=1 Not sure what that does.
“Strike down Eyvind, leaving the ritual to Alfrun.” choice=2 Not sure what that does.
“Cut down Eyvind while he’s distracted.” choice=3 Not sure what that does.
“\”Eyvind, this isn’t what Juno wanted.\”” saves the world if goodconvo>=3, dooms world if

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