The Division 2: Dark Zone Safe House Achievement Guide

The Division 2

Dark Zone Safe House Achievement Guide

Dark Zone: Safe House
Access a hidden safe room in a dark zone.

This doesn’t work in the daily Occupied Dark Zone (Red Dagger Icon is the Occupied one).

Go to a Dark Zone that’s not Occupied that day. There will be hackable SHD Network Terminals around the map, on the walls of buildings and alleyways. Most frequently they are found in little side alleys. Hold Triangle to hack any one of them. Then it turns you to rogue status and marks other SHD Terminals with a grey skull icon. Just run around the map and activate 10 of these total. Don’t get killed in the process. In the top left corner it will say how many % the location to the hidden safe house is triangulated. Each terminal adds 10%. After you got all 10 Terminals it will mark the entrances to hidden safe houses on the map. Enter any one of them to get the trophy.

Here’s what these the hackable terminals look like:

More of this sort of thing:

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