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The Lego Movie 2 Videogame – Game Issues

This guide will list out all of the issues people have come across and if there is a fix for them. I am a PC user so if a console issue appears here then congrats it’s an issue in many places.

This guide is made to pool all the issues in one place and hopefully some of these issues get resolved. If you have some things you want to add please put them in the comments and I will add them when I can.

Game Crashed (No Message Pop-up)
Reason: Did you try to scan something and it did not scan regardless of position?
If ‘Yes’ then that was the cause of the crash.

Game Minimizes upon hitting ‘D’
Reason: You fatfingered the ‘windows’ key.
Solution: Hit the ‘windows’ key again.
Explanation: For some unknown reason when the windows key is pushed it does not open the start menu and keeps the game up but it acts as if the windows key is always being pushed and then pressing the d cause the screen to close.

Some Functions That Do Nothing
-The ‘open all’ feature.
RMB does not work, but on a controller works fine.
-Playing the Flaming guitar.
Says to press Number Pad ‘0’ but that does not work
-Changing the video settings while in game. (Not main menu)
They only function in the main menu for some strange reason.
-Saving your characters
On next play they will be blank.

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I Do Not Know How To Describe This
Essentially the screen minimized and when you reopen the game is zoomed out and in a tiny window. The solution to this is to force close and restart.

Player Is Stuck
Self explanatory.
Solution: Open the world map and re-enter the world.

Sorting Planet Boss
Apparently there is an issue. You get stuck after phase one. So here is the fix.

If that doesn’t work try this from Bob the Gigglemaestro

1) Have your graphics set on the LOWEST setting or;

2) Jump into the air before the cutscene triggers or;

Ares: i managed to get back into the actual area by running and doubling jumping just right at the corners and then on the vacuums that are on same spot there is a barrier at back of the one i went to and manage to jump onto it and slide across to the legit play area without the vacuum picking me up and killing me.

Written by DaGateKeeper

4 thoughts on “The Lego Movie 2 Videogame – Game Issues”

  1. Hi in the sorting yard the yellow character asks for a cake and some teeth open. We went to get cake and took.it back but the teeth are now closed and we can’t get the yellow guy to talk to us again so we are stuck in the yard. It wont let us restart the level and we cant move on. Amy ideas?

  2. Hey i instaled lego movie 2 on my ps4 i have some bugs and dont know how to fix that. Reinstall etc dosent help. I havent in my screen mini map on the top of screen and havent little star pointer which show you what you can do on game. Can u help me ?

  3. Harmony City – Take out the speakers issue. I can put metalbeards head on the steam platform to get up to the DJ and console but there isn’t a place to put his head on the console to shut it down. What can I do to fix this?


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