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The Outer Worlds Canids Cradle Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds has two kinds of factions, primary and secondary.  Both factions offer multiple faction quests that The Outer Worlds players can complete for rewards and XP. Faction quests are just one of the many different quests and activities in the game.

By completing faction quests players can gain reputation with various factions. Some companions of yours are associated with certain factions and depending on who your companion is certain faction quests will have different outcomes. Companions will lobby the player to support their faction but you do have the ability to make see things from your perspective.

Canids Cradle Quest Guide

Faction: Monarch

When you flip the switch to restart Devil’s Peak Station during the Radio Free Monarch quest, this quest gets triggered. Make your way to Sulfur Pits and Gunship Crash Site will be unlocked.

In the nearby terminal, you will get information about how the crash was a human error. Eject the Gunship Captain’s Key and it will be added to your inventory and now, you have access to the rest of the ship.

Upon retrieving the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module and you gain 3428XP. Now you either talk to Sanjar or interact with Graham


Tell him to call it a truck and ask him to work with Zora. He’ll ask for her review which you’ll export from Cascadia. Give him her review seeing which he will be impressed by her and will ask you to convince her.


On your way inside Amber Heights, Zora will stop you and will tell you about getting a new leader for Iconoclasts, and proposes deposing Graham. You agree with her and go with Zora to Graham. He will refuse to back down so you’ll have to kill him for which you’ll receive 3425 XP.

Ask Zora to work with Sanjar, use Persuade or you can use intelligence and perception. She will agree to it and you will gain 3425 XP.

The Negotiation:

Go to the OSI church by fast traveling to Stellar Bay Ruins. When both Sanjar and Zora agree to work with each other, you receive 3428 XP and the Peace of our Time trophy/achievement. Completing the quest gives you 16000XP, the unique weapon Soft Speaker, and 2118 Bit Cartridge.

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  1. Zora won’t play ball with you if you didn’t work with her optional on a previous quest. If you want her to work with Sanjar you need to make sure she gets supplies I think


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