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The Outer Worlds Jameson Quest Guide

Jameson Quest Guide

Jameson is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.

Jameson in The Outer Worlds
He is the protege of Anton Crane.

Jameson Location
He can be found inside the Auntie-Biotics Lab located at Roseway Gardens.

Jameson Related Quests
By His Bootstraps

By His Bootstraps Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest after landing in Roseway and entering the town. Find and talk to Anton Crane, and he will mention he left his protege at the lab during the commotion. Accept to rescue the labcoat to begin the quest.

Exit the town toward Roseway Gardens, and defeat the Raptidon that attack you as you approach Auntie-Biotics Lab 0013. Go inside, and you’ll find a Vending Machine and a terminal that can be hacked to unlock the hallway lift, and you can read the Storage Facility Passcode. If you cannot hack it, take the left door from the entrance and make your way to the upper level or you can Lockpick the door on the right.

On the second floor, defeat several Raptidon and then loot Elite Troop Armor from a Corporate Commander corpse. An unlocked door nearby leands to an office. Within the office, pick up Gigantaur Energy Drink and interact with the terminal by it to learn about the Raptidon experiment. You can loot Standard Troop Helmet and a container.

Back in the large office where you fought the Raptidons, a locked door can be opened with Cleo Lab Office Keycard, or sufficient lockpicking. Once you’ve unlocked the door, you can go in and talk to Jameson. He recognizes you and asks you what you’re doing here. Tell him Anton sent you and he’ll complain that Anton is always double-checking everything he does. Jameson says that Anton does not care about him and instead just wants the precursors that he is holding. You can bring up that employee death would look back for Anton, ask him for the item to test the theory, or just get going.

Tell him about employee death: You will get 8250xp and Jameson will run off

Return to Anton and talk to him to gain Auntie Cleo Reputation, 1000 Bit Cartridge and 11,000xp.

Alternative outcome
It is possible to be too late to save Jameson. It is uncertain exactly what the cut off is, but if you have already been to the other labs, you may enter the facility and find the door shredded by the Raptidons. If so, Jameson will have been mauled to death.

You can retrieve his keycard for 9000xp.

Returning to Anton you will get a somber reaction, 9000xp, 625xp, and a minor Auntie Cleo reputation loss.

By His Bootstraps Rewards

If Jameson was found alive:

  • 8250xp+11,000xp.
  • 1000 Bit Cartridge

If Jameson was found dead:

  • 9000xp+9000xp
  • 625 Bit Cartridge

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