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The Witcher 3: Coronation Walkthrough

Coronation Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest will begin upon successful completing the ‘King’s Gambit’ side-quest.

During your conversation with Crach at the end of the previous quest ‘King’s Gambit’, he’ll give you a new quest ‘Coronation’ and will also invite you to come along. You can fast travel with him immediately to begin the next quest or make your way over to Gedyneith.

The side-quest itself is simply a scene introducing the new King of the skellige Isles, who happens to be whoever you sided with during ‘King’s Gambit’. Once the scene ends you’ll complete the quest.

  • Note: At this point you’ll earn 200XP.
  • Note: At this point you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Kingmaker’.

Whilst you are here, all of the main Skellige characters are in one place. As such, this is a good time to speak with all of the people of interest required for you to complete the ‘Brothers in Arms: Skellige’ side-quest and ask them to come help out at Kaer Mordhen. Those people include:

  • Cerys
  • Crach
  • Ermion
  • Hjalmar

Just make sure you speak to Crach last as he’ll port you back to Kaer Trolde when he’s done!

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