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The Witcher 3: Flesh for Sale Walkthrough

Flesh for Sale Walkthrough

Flesh for Sale Walkthrough: Skellige Isles Secondary Quests

Start Location: At the western entrance to the small town of Trottheim on the eastern side of Faroe, the southernmost island of the Skellige Isles.

Note: It is impossible to start or undertake this quest once you have activated the ‘Following the Thread’side-quest.

To begin this side-quest, you’ll need to approach the western gate to the village where you’ll bump into a pair of guards. They’ll strike up a conversation with you thinking that you are actually somebody that you are not. Assume this person’s identity for the moment to kick the side-quest off.

Follow your escort and you’ll be taken to the Slave Driver. During the conversation, you’ll have a number of options and depending on your choice, the outcomes can be a little different. We can:

  • Tell him we are not who he thinks we are – This will trigger a fight and you’ll need to kill the Slave Driver and all of the Slavers in the village.
  • Pay him to release the Slaves – This option has us shelling out 500 Crowns for the release of the Slaves. It will also earn you 15XP.
  • Say that you’ve already paid – This option requires AXII (level 4) and will have the slaves be released for free. It will also earn you 40XP.

Depending on your choices here, we can either lead the Slaves to the objective marker nearby and to safety, or alternatively you can kill all of the Pirates. If you choose the latter option, there are a good 15-18 of them in the immediate area as well as the Pirate Leader.

After killing everything hostile, you can loot a key from the Pirate Leader’s body. Enter his house and loot the chest within. Head over and use the key to unlock the Slave cages and lead them to the objective marker nearby and to safety.

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