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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Precious Cargo Walkthrough

Precious Cargo Walkthrough

Travel east through the swamp and, eventually, you should come to a road running more or less north-south. Follow it south and out of the swamp until you hear somebody calling for you east of the road. Head over there to find a merchant sitting by a campfire. Ask him what’s wrong and he’ll vaguely babble about some monsters in the swamp. Geralt, annoyed, sets him straight and the merchant will tell a slightly more coherent story. Apparently his horse was devoured by some sight-unseen swamp monster, and he wants us to go find his good… or at least a “little box” that seems to be particularly important to him. Agree to help him, then… well, head back north into the swamp (after tracking the quest in your journal of course).

The site of the attack is only a short ways to the north, just follow the road and keep your Witcher Senses up. You should spot some cart tracks running off the road and into the swamp. Investigate them, loot a nearby sack, then veer north-west into the swamp. Near the center of the new search area, just west of a sunken brick building, you’ll find the wagon, the dead horse, and the cargo. Check the horse and the cart to observe that they’ve been shot with arrows-not too many monsters use arrows-then loot the cart. Continue looking around with your Witcher Senses to spot a body to the east, also the victim of arrow fire. Geralt comes to the only logical conclusion-our “merchant” friend lied to us. The box we’re looking for is just north of the wreckage. Pick up the “Locked Strongbox” and return to the “merchant”.

You can simply give the faker his box back, which ends the quest, but it’s more interesting to chase him down and find out what all the lies (not to mention the arrows) were about. Take him to task for lying and he’ll pull the old “look out behind you!” gag. Sadly, he doesn’t realize that a Witcher’s senses are too acute for that nonsense. Instead of coming clean, however, he rides off.

Objective Reward
For returning the box 25 XP
20 Crowns

Mount Roach, who will have appeared nearby, and chase the liar south along the road. Roach is faster than his horse, so you shouldn’t have any trouble catching him. Once you do, swat him with your sword to dismount him. After he recovers he’ll spill the beans-he’s a former Temerian soldier now fighting the Nilfgaardians. The box contains medicine that might save some lives. You now have three choices-turn him into the Nilfgaardians, let him go help the rebels, or free him, but keep the medicine. It’s a good time to take a stance on the issue… A Witcher is supposed to remain neutral, and it’s not really our job to round up criminals, nor help rebellions. Geralt is a Nordling himself, however, and it’s hard to see how keeping the medicine will help anybody.

Objective Reward
For turning the rebel into the Nilfgaardians 10 XP
30 Crowns
For letting the rebel take the medicine 10 XP
30 Crowns
For keeping the medicine 10 XP
50 Crowns
Celandine x5

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