theHunter: Call of the Wild – Best Drive Spot on Layton Lake!

Best drive spot on layton lake, never found a better one before!

How to do it and where to spawn

It has come to my attention alot of people on COTW dont know how to do this drive i’ve ran multiple drives here and almost no one knew this was a thing, so that’s why i’m making this guide! So first you have to spawn at the Willipeg Lodge in the top left hand corner of the map!

After you spawn there go to the store and select garage to get an ATV, if you don’t have ATV’s simply join someone else game with ATV’s, after that start heading on the road that takes you to the top left hand corner of the map. As you see the point where that road goes up a mountain stop, or you can use the picture below, the orange circle represents the area that there should be animals, there should also be a small patch of woods, and animals will be everywhere!

Note: The animals may not always be there so do not worry if they aren’t there just simply join a new game or retry it, but it usually works!

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