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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – Hawkesburn Walkthrough

Hawkesburn Walkthrough

Talk with an old man. If you listen to what he says a couple of times, you’ll get some additional gold. Go to the square, talk with the Sergeant and question the people. When you get to know who has helped the bandits’ leader, decide the fate of the people. If you let them be, this will decrease the level of your army’s morale. And if you press men into service, you’ll get new recruits. Anyway, you’ll have a new quest goal – to visit Lord Clayton’s estate which is south from here.

Tip: You’ll find the first notice board. Interact with it to mark the nearest places of interest.

While leaving the town, you’ll see an old man asking for your help with his wagon. Now you should decide whether you spend 25 wood and earn 50 gold, spend 50 gold and increase the level of morale, or ignore the request.

Go upwards along the fence and you’ll find a wounded bandit inside a small dwelling. You can either hang him and increase the level of morale, or release him and get to know the location of their spoils. You’ll have a picture of a waterfall (we’ll show its location later after completing the Sacred Is Profaned side mission).

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Go to the right down the road until you find your first puzzle. You need to destroy all three boulders to save Meve. This battle has only one round. You haven’t had such a battle before, so just follow the given instructions. Along with that, watch what ways of solving the puzzle the game gives you.

All the following puzzles will be quite difficult to solve, so we’ll try to describe each of them. Go down the road and you’ll find the third signpost. A storytelling starts, and you’ll get to know about the monsters which are east of here. There is a small yard with the Drowners and puzzle button. You can also activate a new notice board. There is a praying woman near the shrine, to the north of the crossroads. Talk with her a couple of times to increase the level of morale.

Go upwards to find the locked gates which lead to the battlefield. But for now, go down the Drowners’ village.

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