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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Mustering and Raise Army

Armies are used to protect your empire from military incursion by other factions, expand your empire by capturing new commanderies and counties, and defeat enemy armies in battle.

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When a unit is recruited to an army, it takes some turns to reach its full size, reflecting the time it takes to gather and train new warriors. The number of warriors in an individual unit is represented by the health bar on its unit card. This fills accoridng to replenishment level in the commandery (which may be affected by the presence of certain characters, assignments, building effects and other factors), with a temporary bonus provided by the mustering effect.

Raise Army

New armies can be raised in your territory provided you haven’t hit your army cap. Select a commandery or county, click the ‘raise army’ button in the commandery panel, then choose an individual from the list of characters to become the overall army commander. You can then recruit up to two more characters to lead further retinues in the army, and recruit units into those retinues.

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