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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Terrain

Guide to Terrain

Different battlefields feature different terrain types. These can help or hinder troops inhabiting or crossing them, offering them tactical advantages or disadvantages accordingly.

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A unit with the ‘hide in forest’ ability which remains static in woodlands will be hidden from the enemy army’s view. Forests reduce the movement speed of infantry and cavalry but also provide resistance against projectiles.

Flaming shot and flaming rounds can set trees ablaze.


Hills are valuable tactical positions to occupy. Ranged units at higher elevation generally have a clearer field of fire, and gain a damage bonus based on their height above the target. Melee units fight more effectively against units at a lower elevation, and units charging downhill will gather greater momentum, enhancing their Impact damage.

Troops charging uphill will do so more slowly, reducing their impact damage. Units fighting uphill will do so less effectively, and with a greater fatigue penalty.


Sand halves the movement speed of all units traversing it. Desert environments also enhance fatigue effects.

Shallow water

Shallow water, such as rivers and swamps, will reduce the speed of all units traversing it.

Sharp stones

Sharp stony surfaces, such as certain river beds and banks, will reduce the melee defence of any troops occupying or traversing them.


Snow reduces the speed of all unit traversing it, and reduces the melee defence of light infantry and cavalry units.

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