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Treasure of Nadia All Crafting Recipes

Treasure of Nadia All Crafting Recipes

You find the recipe to craft ??? in the Church. It requires a Death Doll and three White Hair Strands. This item is a post story item, you will not be able to create it until you have completed the main story.

The Death Doll is a quest reward from Tasha after you help her find the Bar Key.

You have to die three different ways to get all three White Hair Strands. Two of the deaths are easy/obvious, the third, Hypothermia, is less obvious. Each time you die you will activate a teleporter, presumably to make dying that way again easier.

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Death Number 1: Poking the Jaguar, or more accurately pulling its hairs to make Bedroom keys. The first hair you pull the Jaguar remains sleeping. The second, and all subsequent hairs, you will be mauled, die and get a scene with Evie. After the scene with Evie there will be a sparkle that you can pick up that is a White Hair Strand. You will only receive one hair strand dying in this manner. There is already a teleporter here for the temple entrance.

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Death Number 2: Drowning. There is a whirlpool by the pirate ship that you can enter if you have Flippers, available from your local Squallmart for the bargain price of $150,000. When you enter the whirlpool the character talks about dying. While you’re down there, you will find a pirate chest and a regular chest. So, you might want to bring keys to open them. If you stay under water for more than 60 seconds, there is a timer in the upper right corner so you know, you will die. You will receive a scene with Evie. After the scene with Evie there will be a sparkle that you can pick up that is a White Hair Strand. You will only receive one hair strand dying in this manner. A teleporter will activate allowing you to get to the pirate ship from the Estero Park entrance.

Death Number 3: Hypothermia, this one isn’t as obvious. You will need a Rock Bomb. Go to the Fountain of Youth in the Mansion basement.

Kilroy's Guide to Treasure of Nadia-582

Use the Rock Bomb on the middle rock. This will reveal a weak patch of ground. Use your Pickaxe on the weak patch of ground. You will not find anything and Clare and Diana tell you to get warm or you’ll die of Hypothermia. You can beat on that patch all day and you will not die, or find anything. Go north (Up) into the basement room where you were captive with Clare. You’re going to take the same path you used to escape. Go north (Up) into the sewers. Go east (Right). Go east (Right) and jump into the water. When you reach the end, you will die. You will receive a scene with Evie. After the scene with Evie there will be a sparkle that you can pick up that is a White Hair Strand. You will only receive one hair strand dying in this manner. A teleporter will activate allowing you to get to the holding cell area in the basement from the Mansion’s gate.

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After you have all three White Hair Strands and the Death Doll you can combine them at the Shrine. One you have crafted the ??? you will receive a message that there is a secret waiting for you at the church. It is so secret there is a huge exclamation point at the church. You need to have everything except the last Bonus Item in order to collect the secret, you will earn scene 118 and have 100% completion.

Crafting Recipes – Part 1

Crafting parts 1 and 2 is a listing of all of the recipes in alphabetical order by crafted item name.

Here are the recipes that will show in the crafting chest, if you’re missing any items for the Craftsman acheivement.

Kilroy's Guide to Treasure of Nadia-580
Kilroy's Guide to Treasure of Nadia-581
ItemPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Location
???Death DollWhite Hair StrandWhite Hair StrandWhite Hair StrandChurch (Sewers) Lost Underground 4-2
Algae ShockAloe PlantChlorineLimestoneJasmineAlbert (Lighthouse)
Aloe LotionAloe PlantShea ButterGinseng PlantBasic ContainerLighthouse
Ant KillerFossilized AlgaeQuartz Estero State Part 4-1AluminaRusty KeyEstero State Park 2 – 2
Bedroom KeyMaca PlantAloe PlantJaguar HairEssence of KeyMansion (3rd Floor Guard)
Blow DartDartScorpion VenomBambooFeatherEstero Park
Camera RepairBroken Camera LibraryCamera Base Doctor’s Office (MRI Room)Small Screwdriver Caverns 5 4 Squallmart BackroomLoose Screws Doctor’s Office (MRI Room)Estero State Park 5 1
Chest KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyChurch (Room east of Madalyn)
ConcreteStone TalismanFly AshWhite SandDolomiteEstero State Park 3 – 3
Deadly WhipWhipRoyal TalismanPoison ThornsShoe GlueCaverns 1 1 upper
DehumidifierBroken DehumidifierSmall ScrewdriverSilver OreGold TalismanDeep Jungle 2 2
Four Leaf CloverClover LeafClover LeafClover LeafClover LeafN/A
God’s ShovelGod’s Shovel ShaftGod’s Shove HandleGod’s Shovel HeadTalisman of the GodsMansion (Fountain of Youth)
Gold CompassCompass PieceCompass PieceCompass PieceCompass PieceN/A
Gold TalismanStone TalismanStone TalismanStone TalismanGold OreEstero State Park 4 – 3
Golden TeddyBumpy CandleTeddy BearGold OreWhite Sand Deep Jungle 3 3Caverns 1 4
Grand TalismanGold OreGold OreGold OreFalse Talisman Caverns 2Caverns
Hacking ToolKey CardID Card WriterSystem BIOSEncryption ScannerMansion (Pool)
Jade ShovelJade TalismanShovel Handle Parlor (Backyard)Shovel Shaft Estero State Park 5-2Shovel Blade Squallmart $80Caverns 3 4
Jasmine Massage OilJasmineRosa MossBasic ContainerLove PotionLight House

Crafting Recipes – Part 2

ItemPart 1Part 2Part 3PartLocation
Kamasutra Alla & Tasha ThreesomeTorn Page Orange Mansion (Storage Room)Torn Page – Orange Lost Underground 4-2Talisman of the GodsTalisman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Diana & Clare Threesomeforn Page Purple Boat DockTorn Page Purple Deep Jungle 2-3Talisman the GodsTalisman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Emity & Kaley Threesomeforn Page Vellow Church (Skoleton Key)Torn Page Yellow Limbo (Evie)Talisman the GodsTalsman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Janet & Jessice ThreesomeTorn Page Blue Estero State Park 2-4Torn Page Blue Deep Jungle 1-2 Lower LevelTalisman the GodsTalisman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Madalyn Soña ThreesomeTorn Page Green Mansion (Locked Bedroom)Torn Page Green Mansion (Sofia’s Bedroom)Talisman the GodsTalisman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Naomi & Pricla ThreesomeTorn Page Red Casula Temple 1-3Torn Page * Red Mansion (Fountain of Youth)Talisman the GodsTalisman of the GodsN/A
King’s ShovelKing’s Shovel Head Lost Underground 1-3King’s Shovel ShaftKing’s Shovel HandleCaull’s CoinDeep Jungle 1-3
Loaded MusketOld MusketOld BulletCleaning onSiver OreCaverns 2-4
Metal LadderLadder SegmentLadder SegmentLadder SegmentSiver OreMansion (2nd Floor)
Mystical Gas MaskPainter’s MaskRy AshSuper GogglesGrand TalismanCasula Temple 2 2
NitroglycerinSoapNitric AcidSuiphuric AcdBasic ContainerCasula Temple 3
Penetrating OilNall Polish RemoverAloe PlantTransmission FluidBasic ContainerLighthouse (Mysterious Key Required)
PickaxeWrench Grip Caverns 1-3Gaffer Tape Estero State Park 5-2Grappling Hook Previously CraftedPipe Wrench SqualimartEstero State Park 3 2
Plate Keyvate MedalionGrand TallsmanBroken KeyBrokm KeyChurch (Sewers) Lost Underground 3-1
Pvate ShovelPrate MedalionCursed ShovelJade TalsmanGold TalismanCaverns 3 – 2
Rat TrapPlastic WrapGaffer Tape Estero State Park 2-1 Estero Key Attic Church SewersRoachBasic ContainerThe Full Mast Bar
Rock BombNitroglycerinBasic ContainerJade TallsmanSiver TalismanEstero State Park 4 – 4
Rope LadderKnot Tying GuideTiny RopeTiny RopeTiny RopeDeep Jungle 3 – 3
Royal TalismanGrand TallsmanGrand TallsmanGrand TalismanCaull’s CoinLibrary Basement
Siver TalismanStoneStone TallsmanStone TalismanSiver OreThe Parlor (Backyard)
Stompin’ BootsLeather Gloves Pricta (Ginseng Quest)Damaged Boots Lighthouse (Albert’s Room)Shoelaces Janet’s BathroomShoe Glue SqualimartThe Full Mast Bar (Men’s Room)
Switt ShowelAlloy Shovel HeadCarbon Shovel Shaft Full Mast (Attic)Ultra Shovel Handle Estero State Park 3-2Siver TalismanLight House (Albert’s Room)
Tomb KeyTomb Key SegmentTomb Key SegmentTomb Key SegmentTikpak ArtifactCaverns 2 – 1
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