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Treasure of Nadia Chest Key/Kamasutra Locations

Map of chest key/kamasutra locations in Treasure of Nadia.

Locations Part #1

Key #Map NameMap SquareLocation on ScreenKamasutra
1Estero State ParkE2RightAlia 1
2Estero State ParkD2LeftNaomi 1
3Doctor’s OfficeA1CenterEmily 1
4LibraryC1Break vase on rightNaomi 2
5Estero State ParkE1(No key required)Tasha 1
6BeachA1Bottom left behind palm treeAlia 2
7Full Mast BarC1Bottom LeftPricia 1
8ChurchD4Top RightEmily 2
9ChurchD1LeftTasha 2
10CavernsD2CenterKaley 1
11Estero State ParkE1Pickaxe bottom center behind treeNaomi 3
12Light HouseE3Pickaxe bottom rightJessica 1
13CavernsB3Bottom CenterTasha 3
14LibraryC1Bottom leftAlia 3
15N/AN/A4 x broken keysDiana 1
16Estero State ParkA2Break vase right sideJessica 2
17CemeteryA1Pickaxe right side behind treeEmily 3
18CavernsE3Bottom RightKaley 2
19CavernsC2LeftDiana 2
20LibraryA1Left sidePricia 2
21Estero State ParkB1Top Right with whipJessica 3
22CavernsB4Bottom CenterClare 1
23N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysPricia 3
24CavernsB4Top (have to step on 3 pressure plates)Kaley 3
25Deep JungleA3Pickaxe between palm treesClare 2
26N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysDiana 3
27CavernsE3Bottom Left PickaxeJanet 1
28N/AN/A4 x Broken KeysClare 3
29Lost UndergroundC2Pickaxe Bottom MiddleJanet 2
30Estero State ParkA1Top grappling hookMadalyn 1

Locations Part #2

Key #Map NameMap SquareLocation on ScreenKamasutra
31Estero State ParkE2Give Ash Boom BoxDiana 4
32Sophia’s MansionC3Top grappling hookTasha 4
33Lost UndergroundC2Top MiddleMadalyn 2
34Estero State ParkA3Middle use crowbar on boxSophia 1
35Doctor’s OfficeB3Go outside through C1Janet 3
36Casula TempleB2MiddleSophia 2
37Lost UndergroundA2Pickaxe BottomMadalyn 3
38Deep JungleA2Pickaxe BottomSophia 3
39Casula TempleC2Bottom LeftNaomi 4
40Estero State ParkD4Top (Grapple, then ladder)Clare 4
41ChurchB5Middle (Hit 4 Blue Pressure Pads)Alia 4
42Sophia’s Mansion UpC1Pickaxe TopEmily 4
43BeachA1Catch TunaJessica 4
44CavernsB2Top blue Pressure PadKaley 4
45Evie LimboA1Top LeftJanet 4
46Doctor’s OfficeC1Second LockerPricia 4
47Casula TempleC2Blue Pressure PadSofia 4
48Evie LimboA1Bottom RightMadalyn 4
49N/AN/ACraft (2 Blue torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Janet & Jessica 5
50N/AN/ACraft (2 Purple torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Diane & Clare 5
51N/AN/ACraft (2 Yellow torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Emily & Kaley 5
52N/AN/ACraft (2 Red torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Naomi & Tricia 5
53N/AN/ACraft (2 Orange torn pages, 2 Talisman of the gods)Alia & Tasha 5


Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-224

Casula Temple

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-225


Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-226


Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-227


Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-228

Deep Jungle

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-229

Doctor’s Office

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-230

Estero State Park

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-231

Full Mast Bar

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-232


Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-233

Light House

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-234

Lost Underground

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-235

Sophia’s Mansion

Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-236
Chest Key / Kamasutra Locations-237

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