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Treasure of Nadia Broken Key Locations

All Broken Key Locations in Treasure of Nadia.

Broken Key Locations

Key #Map NameMap SquareLocation on Screen
2Estero State ParkD4Middle left
3Estero State ParkB1Bottom Left
4Squall MartA1Bottom Right
5LibraryA1Top Left
6ChurchB5Top Left
7Lost UndergroundC1Bottom Left
8ChurchB5Bottom Right
9Estero State ParkA3Right
10Light HouseC2Right
12Deep JungleB2Bottom Left
13Deep JungleB1Middle Section Bottom Right
14 & 15Full Mast BarB4Talk to the guy
16Estero State ParkA1Bottom Right
17Deep JungleB1Middle
18Deep JungleC1Bottom Middle
19Deep JungleC2Left
20Estero KeyB2Left
21LibraryB1Bottom Left
22Lost UndergroundD5Middle Top


Broken Key Locations-224


Broken Key Locations-225

Deep Jungle

Broken Key Locations-226

Estero Key

Broken Key Locations-227

Estero State Park

Broken Key Locations-228

Full Mast Bar

Broken Key Locations-229


Broken Key Locations-230

Light House

Broken Key Locations-231

Lost Underground

Broken Key Locations-232

Squall Mart

Broken Key Locations-233

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