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TRIANGLE STRATEGY 100% Achievement Guide

TRIANGLE STRATEGY 100% Achievement Guide. [WIP]

TRIANGLE STRATEGY 100% Achievement Guide

There are a total of 108 achievements in Triangle Strategy:

  • Mental Mock Battles (2 total):
    • 1 for completing The Assassins
    • 1 for completing all Mental Mock Battles (same playthrough)
  • Convictions (4 total):
    • 3 for reaching 5,000 points in each Conviction category
    • 1 for reaching 5,000 points in all Conviction categories
  • 3 related to the voting phase
  • 1 for Recruiting all units
  • Upgrades (31 total):
    • 30 for reaching max upgrades (minus weapon skills) on all characters
    • 1 for buying all Weapon Skills on all characters
  • 2 for earning 1,000,000 Coins and 1,000 Kudos respectively
  • 1 for buying all Quietus skills and upgrades from the Sundry Shop
  • 29 for viewing all Character Stories (1 achievement for each recruit)
  • 20 for actions related to combat
  • 10 related to Story Paths taken
  • 1 for taking all available Paths
  • Collectibles (3 total):
    • 1 for getting all the Notes
    • 1 for talking to all Cats (leading to one of the notes)
    • 1 for obtaining all the Information
  • 1 for completing everything else (100%)

Achievement Flowchart

The following Achievement Flowchart was inspired by Ohara’s Guide of Paths. This flowchart is focused on listing collectibles, recruits, and achievements as they appear in the various paths/chapters. It lists all the Cats, Information, and Notes available. I hope this ends up being helpful in case some of you may want to map out your subsequent playthroughs to greater effect.

NOTE: The Cat in Telliore is listed as Cat #10 because I got it on my 2nd playthrough.

The image below is pretty big. I suggest opening it on another tab.

Here image

Mental Mock Battles

Aside from battles related to each ending, all other Mock Battles can be obtained via story progression (NG+ included).

  • Roland’s Ending – Under the Iron Gate
  • Benedict’s Ending – A Long Trek
  • Frederica’s Ending – Before the Goddess
  • Golden Route – The Assassins
100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideReaper of 100 Souls
Complete the mental mock battle "The Assassins."Completing all of that plus the 4 ending-related unlocked battles in the same playthrough will earn you Tavern Regular.
100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideTavern Regular
Complete all mental mock battles.


Convictions fall under 3 different categories in this game: Morality (Green), Utility (Yellow), and Liberty (Red). Each one has values assigned to them that increase based on the choices that you make and are therefore a reflection of Serenoa’s personal convictions. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view these values until you unlock the Encampment in NG+. Having high conviction values makes it easier to influence your party members to vote a certain way. There are 4 achievements related to reaching 5,000 points in all categories. If you are thorough during the exploration phases, selecting all paths, and buying/selling items. You can have close to 5,000 points in every category by the end of your 4th playthrough. From my experience, it’s ok to have Morality a little bit ahead of the other 2 because it’s easy to raise Utility and Liberty through farming coins, spending it, and selling items.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideDefender of Morality
Reach a sufficient Morality Conviction value.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideSeeker of Utility
Reach a sufficient Utility Conviction value.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideBeliever of Liberty
Reach a sufficient Liberty Conviction value.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideUnshakable Convictions
Reach a sufficient Morality, Utility, and Liberty Conviction value.


Voting through the Scales of Conviction is a House Wolffort tradition. At several points in the game, you’ll have multiple paths presented to you. You’ll then enter a voting phase to decide which path to take. You can influence your party’s decisions using collected information and/or through strong convictions (see above). The higher your conviction scores, the better your chances of convincing someone to vote the way you want them to. Unfortunately, you can’t measure these values until NG+. There are 3 achievements related to the voting phases.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideNegotiator
Successfully persuade an ally.Both Unanimous and Tiebreaker gradually become easier to do in subsequent NG+ runs since you carry over conviction values. This means influencing someone also becomes easier unless you pick the least persuasive answer which leads to indifference towards your plans.
100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideUnanimous
Successfully persuade everyone to vote the same way.Tiebreaker can be done during 3-way votes. With 7 members voting, you can influence your party to vote 3 members each between 2 options. You'll then be the designated tiebreaker.
100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideTiebreaker
Cast the deciding vote when there is a tie.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement Guide


There are 3 categories of recruits:

  • Main Cast
  • Path-related (Mutually Exclusive)
  • Shared Conviction

The Main Cast becomes available within the first 2 chapters.

  1. Serenoa
  2. Benedict
  3. Frederica
  4. Geela
  5. Erador
  6. Anna
  7. Roland
  8. Hughette

Path-related recruits are mutually exclusive and join automatically based on which paths you take as the story progresses.

  • Rudolph – CH3 visit Aesfrost
  • Rudolph – CH3 visit Hyzante
  • Milo – CH15 Return to Wolffort(Recommend on Golden Route run)
  • Cordelia – CH 15 Stay in Glenbrook
  • Trish – CH 15 Check on Roselle(if you chose Defend in CH11)
  • Travis – CH 15 Check on Roselle(if you chose Deliver in CH11)
  • Avlora – CH17 Golden Route

Conviction recruits will join through character stories becoming available as you reach specified conviction values. The table below is sorted by Morality, Utility, and Liberty respectively.

NOTE: Maxwell’s character story appears in Chapter 15 if you have sufficient conviction values.


After recruiting all units across multiple playthroughs, you’ll get:

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideOne and All
Recruit all units.

Pinnacle of Strength & Smithy Regular

Serenoa included, there are 30 achievements for reaching the “Pinnacle of Strength” for all units. This involves promoting everyone to Elite and unlocking their 3rd tier of weapon upgrades (no need to buy the actual upgrades yet). Azure Crystal is the only weapon upgrade material that cannot be purchased from the Sundry Shop. 2 copies can be looted from Exploration phases and you also have a chance to receive them from story battle spoils.Buying all the weapon upgrades for every character gets you Smithy Regular. To help with this achievement, see the Optional Coin/Kudos Farm section below. Additionally, you can sell excess class promotion materials from drops and the Sundry Shop to Lionel once you’ve promoted everyone and purchased all Quietus points and skills already.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideSmithy Regular
Learn the Weapon Skill of all units.

Optional Coin/Kudos Farm

You can get close to enough Coins for all upgrades on your 4th playthrough. If you need more coins now for weapon upgrades, you can farm Conquer the Arena with Lionel, Quahuag, and Narve. Lionel generates money when picking up spoils, Narve’s Whirlwind has a really long range, and Quahuag can move Lionel on top of spoils. While Quahuag isn’t essential, having him makes things faster as Lionel is a slow unit. Using Quietus skills such as Lightwave, In Tandem, and Missed Opportunity also speeds things up. See the video below for reference.

At 1,000,000 Coins:

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideA Heavy Purse
Accumulate 1,000,000 coins.

Just like with Coins and depending on your playstyle, you can get close to all the Kudos required to buy all Notes, Class Promotion Materials, and Quietus Points/Skills. If you need more Kudos now, you can farm the Pincer Attack using Piccoletta and a healer by repeatedly using Ball Toss as a high-ground back attack while on an elevated step for 2 kudos per turn. At 1,000 Kudos

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideBold Battler
Accumulate 1,000 kudos.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement Guide

Quietus (Sundry Shop)

Quietus are special skills that can quickly turn the tide of battle in Triangle Strategy. They’re in the same category as the Chariot system in Tactics Ogre Reborn. To use Quietus Skills, you need access to the Sundry Shop which becomes available around Chapter 5. You’ll need somewhere in the ballpark of 1,600~2,000 Kudos for all your Quietus purchases including the occasional Medal/upgrade material purchase. After buying all Quietus skills and the 3 expansion points:

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideSundry Shop Regular
Learn all quietuses and obtain the maximum amount of Quietus Points.

Character Stories

Character Stories add context to the various playable characters. There are 29 achievements (1 for each character) related to these stories. Characters obtained via story progression only have 2 side stories. Characters recruited through Conviction points will have 3 (1 to join + 2 side stories).

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement Guide

To unlock all of a character’s stories, you need to deploy said character 10 times in total. The first one unlocks at 5 deployments. Avlora’s stories can be unlocked in the same run (Golden Route). You’ll have to wait until all regiments recombine to see the prompt and view them.




The following 10 achievements are related to picking specific paths in the story:

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideFirst Campaign
Win a battle for the first time.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideAs Lord
Do not sacrifice the town of Wolffort during chapter 7.
Vote to Surrender Prince Roland.

In Chapter 9, you’ll come across mutually exclusive paths leading to 2 different achievements. If you travel to Hyzante and report Sorsley successfully you will obtain Wrongdoing Exposed. To achieve this, complete the following steps during the Exploration phase:

  1. Talk to the citizen with a green turban near your starting point.
  2. Talk to the girl inside the top left house.
  3. Talk to Clarus outside (top left corner).
  4. Talk to the Rebel in blue (West corner)
  5. Talk to the Soldier guarding the Rebel’s house
    • Answer “I did see someone rather suspicious”
  6. Speak to the Rebel in blue again
  7. End the exploration phase and answer the following:
    • “He sold illicit salt”
    • “He kept a secret ledger”
    • “Sorsley’s encampment”

If done correctly, the chapter title when saving should be The Carelessness of Men and you will battle Sorsley at his encampment. NOTE: Failing to report him counts as another path.

100% Conviction - A Triangle Strategy Achievement GuideWrongdoing Exposed
Successfully report Sorsley's misdeeds.

If you choose to transport Sorsley’s Illicit Salt, you’ll have the option to reveal Roland’s identity to Svarog later in the chapter. If you choose to reveal his identity, you’ll obtain The Enemy of an Enemy and gain his trust.

NOTE: If you are minimizing the number of playthroughs required for the 100%, it’s recommended that you leave the option to reveal Roland’s identity until you do the Golden Route (Serenoa’s Ending). Revealing Roland’s identity is one of the requirements to reach the Golden Route ending.

The Enemy of an Enemy
Reveal Roland’s identity to Svarog.

In Chapter 15, you’ll have three options on how to proceed. Each path leads to chapter/choice-specific recruit. Going to Wolffort gives you the Birthright achievement.

  • Wolffort = Milo
  • Glenbrook = Cordelia
  • Rosellan Village = Trish/Travis depending on CH11 choice

NOTE: Just like revealing Roland’s identity to Svarog, it is recommended that you leave the Wolffort path for last because it is one of the requirements to reach the Golden Route ending.

Receive the royal signet from Symon.


Just like before, you’ll have three options to proceed in Chapter 17. This time around, each choice has a specific achievement. Having high conviction values will help you pick out a specific ending, but overall it’s not a big deal. Frederica’s vision is related to MORALITY. Roland’s stand is related to UTILITY. Lastly, Benedict’s strategy is related to LIBERTY.

Written by Jedo

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