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Two Point Hospital You Got All The Best Lines Achievement Guide


Hello listeners, and this is your host Harrison Wolf, here to shine some light on the Achievement THEY don’t want you to get. What are they hiding? Why do my socks keep going missing? Well, I can’t answer the latter, but together we can unlock the hidden potential THEY are keeping from you.

To gain this achievement, you need to come first in all 5 Emergency Ratings; if you’ve tried to do this, you’ll have discovered it’s agonizing to try and do through basic gameplay. But fear not, open minded listener, you can do this the cheesy gubbins way.

Setting Up

Start the final level of the DLC, “Pointy Peaks” from scratch.

Instantly pause the game, then check the Hire Staff option; if there are no staff with either Driving or Flight, restart the level.

Then take out both Loans, you want to start with as much spare cash as possible.

Hire all the staff with the ambulance skills, and ALL the nurses. Those nurses are sure to know something about the medical conspiracy that’s going down. Just don’t bother with the Doctors, Assistants or Janitors.

Then purchase TWO (2) Wards, and place them immediately by the entrance, then set them to allow at least 3 nurses at work. Place food next to the Wards, and seats, and add toilet rooms. Make sure the whole hospital is heated.

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(I also had a Rest Room and Pharmacy, but you shouldn’t need these before the 3 months are up)

Now, delete all the starting ambulances, and buy the Feather Balloon and the Big Healer, one for each staff member you have that can drive or fly one. Purchase the second Ambulance Bay, to the right of the one you already have. Place the staff with Ambulance skills next to their vehicles.

And now we’re ready to pull back the curtain and reveal the shocking truth THEY won’t share, listeners…

Completing the Achievement in 3 months

Unpause the game, but run on slow speed so you see the Emergencies pop up, and immediately pause when they pop again. Send ONE vehicle to each, we want to hopefully get there first, and take some, but not all of the people there. The Feather and Big Healer should collect enough to do this.

Whilst still paused, make sure the staff that can drive the vehicles are manually picked up and moved to just outside them again (They don’t pay much attention to your friend Harrison, and wander off).

Release time, and as new staff come in for hiring, make sure to hire as many nurses as possible and put them in the Wards again. You want the arrivals to be Diagnosed as fast as possible, the Nurse skills don’t matter, we just want to escape the Achievement prison THEY have us locked in, we can restart afterwards. Any staff that turn up with Ambulance skills, hire them too and place them in the park and purchase the same two vehicles for them as well. This is where the Loans help.

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What you’re aiming to do is have hopefully just one or two small loads of Patients get back by early February. When the Nurses say they are unsure of the Diagnosis, tell them to send them to Treatment anyway. If you get too many that randomly have diseases you can’t heal yet, like Psychiatry, you may have to restart. Harrison Wolf doesn’t need Psychiatry! That’s just what they tell you to discredit the mighty Wolf.

Meanwhile, you send the vehicles out over Feb-March just to make sure you come top of collections. Ideally wait for the new Emergencies and send one to there, but if it doesn’t look like they’ll come, doubling up on previous is fine, as long as you are sure the other hospitals have got back at least ONE patient. They can have him, Harrison Wolf knows who is worth more. Unfortunately the Wolfster can’t tell you yet, if you look at the stats page, it doesn’t update until March. You can however see one of the One Star achievements raising, which will at least hint whether you’re still in it; if it doesn’t say 2 out of 3 in February, restart.

Keep time running, keep hiring Nurses, and redirecting ambulances.

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All being well, on March 1st the Achievement will pop. Reset if not, and drink some of Harrison Wolf’s Patented Brain Protein Shake, to Achieve Your Full Potential next time out.

Written by Titler

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