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V Rising Exploration Tips and Tricks

Exploration Tips and Tricks

When first starting out, it is highly recommended that you avoid traveling too far into the northern regions as the further you travel, the more challenging enemies and V Blood carriers that you’ll face.

As you begin to explore Vardoran, you’ll likely encounter traveling merchants along the roads of Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. Unfortunately, these merchants are hostile when attempting to trade them in Vampire form. Instead, you’ll need to activate the Vampire Power, Human Form, which is unlocked by the level 38 V Blood carrier, Beatrice the Tailor. When Human Form is activated, you’ll be able to sneak around unnoticed in human settlements.

Before leaving your Castle, remember to deposit your items in storage chests. Not only will you lose your hard-earned resources in PvP but traveling back to obtain your items from your grave can quickly become quite the hassle as Vampire Waygates cannot be used to fast travel when carrying resources and other key items.

While it’s not always possible, try to gather resources and explore Vardoran mostly during the night hours. This is a great way to avoid the dreaded sunlight that can make navigating during the day quite difficult. For this reason, we recommend spending the majority of your day managing your Castle as with stone walls built, you’ll be protected from the sunlight.

If you happen to get caught out during the day, don’t panic and simply make your way back to your Castle by traveling between shadows cast on the ground. As the day/night cycle is dynamic, you’ll need to be wary of the changing shadows, so make sure to utilize your travel ability to make those dashes between shadows much safer.

While there’s no complete protection from the sun, potions and certain crafting structures can be used to create equipment that provides increased resistance to elements such as the sun, garlic, silver, fire, and holy.

Unlocking different Vampire Powers such as the Bear Form and Wolf Form can significantly increase your resistance to certain elements and even increase your movement speed. This can make both traveling easier but also safer during the daylight. Vampire Powers can be obtained by defeating V Blood carriers.

When exploring human settlements such as Farms, be wary of roaming guards that will occasionally check in on the premise.

Caught out in the sun or need a place to hide from enemies? Approach the piles of hay that you’ll often find within fields to hide inside them.

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