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V Rising How to get servants and servant types

Before be able to get servants you will need to be in Dominating Presence this will allows you to use Kiss of the Vampire a skill who seduce humans to make them follow you.

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How to get a servant

  • Find a human, you can look for them in human towns, farms roads, military camps or other places.
  • Check is blood type %, the higher the better.
  • Cast Kiss of the Vampire. This will be draining HP from the target and when the HP is below 30% the human will be seduced and will follow you. (You can lower the HP first attacking the target and then use the Kiss).
  • Bring the seduced human to your castle.
  • Put the human in a Servant Coffin

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  • Wait until the human is transformed into a servant.
  • Raise your servant.

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Servant types

When you are looking for a servant is important to keep in mind the blood type, blood quality and the region of the map you are getting it.

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  • Blood type: Reduce difficulty in 100 points in a specific zone type.
  • Blood quality: Determine how many expertise the servant will gate. Expertise determine the power of the equipment.
  • Faction: Will grant a 20% buff on a specific region of the map.

Make your servants work

To make your servants work you will need to build a Castle Throne to be able to give them orders.

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Sitting on the Throne will show up a map where you can see zones where you can send your servant to gather resources for you.

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