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Warcraft 3 Reforged Ghoul Rush Build Order

Ghoul Rush Build Order

The basic principle of the Undead Ghoul rush Strategy is that you are going to be making as many Ghouls as possible in the early-game in order to surprise your enemies with an army of Ghouls and take down their base before they have a chance to properly set up.

This build works best for early-game, and should you happen to prolong the process even by a tad bit; you will very easily get steam-rolled by the opposing enemy as your Ghouls will no longer be able to hold their ground against the much stronger enemies.

It is worth noting that this build is best used against Night Elf, Undead, Human and Orc races.

To kick off this strategy you are going to place 2 of your Acolytes in the gold mine and send the earned gold to the tree and further train one more Acolyte.

Once your third Acolyte is all trained and done; build a Crypt and your first Ziggurat, and send your Acolyte to the Mine. After earning enough gold and various other resources, make a second Ziggurat.

By this time, your Crypt should have finished construction, and this is when the magic happens. From this point on, you will build as many Ghouls as you can whenever you get the chance, this will be the entire backbone of your fight against your enemy.

Now, throughout the process of building your Undead Army, once you have enough money, you are going to want to build the Tomb of Relics, finish up your Altar and train your Death Knight.

After gaining 4 Ghouls and 80 Wood, get the wood to be dropped off at the Lumber and use your Ghouls to scout for the enemy base.

After your Death Knight has finished its training, get the Rod of Necromancy and Blight (Get Blight only if you are facing the Undead) from the Tomb of Relics.

The Rod of Necromancy will allow you to resurrect skeletons of dead enemies; allowing you to use the horde of skeletons to harass and scout the battlefield.

Now, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the Ghouls against enemies, you are going to want to get the Death Coil, and for the rest of the build, you can do whatever you want as you see fit.

But after acquiring all aforementioned items, you are set to fight your opponents in their base.

Make sure to prioritize the Heroes above all, then the Workers and afterwards the Food Supply.

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