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The Witcher 3: Contract Muire D’yaeblen Walkthrough

Contract Muire D’yaeblen Walkthrough

Contract Muire D’yaeblen Walkthrough: Skellige Isles Witcher Contracts

Start Location: From Bjorg near the ‘Kaer Trolde Harbour’ fast travel point. Will appear after completing the ‘Destination Skellige’ main quest.

After speaking with Bjorg in Kaer Trolde harbour to kick off the contract, have a peek at your map. You’ll notice that there are two objective markers to investigate – one along the docks near the ‘Kaer Trolde Harbour’ fast travel point and another, also along the docks to the west. Let’s head to the travel marker first.

Speak with the Boatwright’s Apprentice here who’ll add a new objective marker to your map once you are done. Before making your way over to the new objective marker, speak to the other villager with information on the attack. Just to the west you’ll find a woman who we can speak to working on some animal skins by a building. Her testimony will add another objective marker to the map.

At this point we’ll now need to head out to examine both of the attack sites marked by objective markers nearby. Fortunately, both of these are located at waterfront/beach type locations, so to make things much quicker than a lengthy slog overland, we can pinch a boat from the harbour and sail down the coast to the south to visit both of them.

The attack site area to the Kaer Trolde Harbour is guarded by a pair of level 18 Drowned Dead (think bigger, more aggressive Drowners). Kill the pair of them before looting the chest in the middle of the area.

Use your Witcher Sense to locate the corpse on the northern shore of the yellow search area. Examining the dead body will have a scent trail appear when Witcher sense is active. Ignore the trail for now (unless you feel like swimming a long way through a dark underwater tunnel) and instead, lets head for the next objective marker for an easier way to find the Drowner’s lair.

Hop back in the boat and sail it further to the south until you reach the second search area. At this location, bang on your Witcher Senses once again and locate the crab pots on the beach. Examining these will have a scent trail appear when Witcher Sense is active. This time around, follow the scent trail to the south until you find the entrance to a cave – this is the Drowners’ lair!

Note: At this point you’ll earn 25XP.

Continue through the tunnel into the cave, looting the bodies that you come across as you go and using your Witcher Senses to examine the occasional body part. With Witcher Senses active, you’ll be able to find a set of footprints leading into the first entrance we reach on the right.

Follow the footprints to the right and you’ll encounter a group of 5-6 level 18-19 Drowned Dead. Make use of the swamp gas in the cave here with IGNI to damage as many enemies as possible before using your regular combat skills to eliminate the remaining monsters. In this room (if you are interested) you can examine a rusty piece of armour in the corner behind the swamp gas.

To continue, proceed down the small tunnel on the right side of the room. Examine the corpse here and proceed into the next larger cavern area. Here we’ll be able to explore a little. Activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following:

  • The assortment of animal corpses scattered around the room.
  • The human corpses littered around the area.
  • The section of wrecked boat on the left hand wall.

After examining all three items of interest, Geralt will guess what the monster behind the attack is and your objectives will update. Loot the chest in the section of the broken ship nestled on the right hand wall. Return to the search area. At this point we’ll need to brew a new potion – Drowner Pheromones. Enter the Alchemy tab of the menu and brew yourself up a batch (if you haven’t done so before).

Meditate and prepare yourself for a fight and when you are ready to continue, drink the Drowner Pheromones potion before hiding in the tunnels just ahead. This will trigger a scene after which there is a boss fight to partake in. Loot the pair of chests located in the short tunnels here before returning to the previous room to start the fight.

Boss: Abaya (Water Hag)

Abaya is essentially a faster moving, more powerful version of your standard Water Hag. As such, she’ll pretty much be limited to the normal Water Hag attack routine of sinking into the ground and appearing elsewhere if you get too close to her for too long. Her attacks include a standard melee swipe which she can chain together into brief combos and she’ll also regularly throw projectiles at you and if they hit, they’ll obscure the screen for a few moments.

In addition to the main boss, she’ll often be accompanied by a pair of level 18 Drowning Dead. Try to eliminate them first before focusing on the main threat.

Defeating the Water Hag is relatively straight forward. You’ll want to dodge her projectile attacks as you close ground to her before blasting her with IGNI or tanking her with QUEN. Dodge her retaliatory melee attacks and counter until she sinks into the water and appears elsewhere. Repeat the process until she’s swimming with the fishes (both figuratively and literally!).

Once the Water Hag is dead, loot the body for the Water Hag Trophy, Water Hag Mutagen and any other goodies it was carrying.

With the boss now pushing up daisies, we can mosey on back Kaer Trolde Harbour and speak with Bjorg once again to end the side-quest. During the conversation you can ask for more Crowns if you wish, or accept the reward as is.

Note: for completing the side-quest, you’ll earn 200XP and 187 Crowns.

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