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Witcher 3 Novigrad Hospitality Walkthrough

Novigrad Hospitality Walkthrough

This side-quest can be started by speaking with Gascoigne, located northeast of Novigrad, by a camp fire on the side of the road around halfway between the Sarrasin Grange and Yantra fast travel points on the map.

To begin the side-quest, you’ll be required to speak with Gascoine (he’s the fellow with the exclamation point over his head). This will trigger a scene and conversation in which the three of you will get drunk. Agree to “One last round” when the option shows up.

When we regain control of Geralt, it will be the next morning and all of your gear will be missing. Those scallywags have taken off with our stuff whilst we were passed out, not cool! Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get it all back.

Turn on Geralt’s Witcher Sense and locate the footprints nearby. Follow the footprints until they lead you into the town of Yantra. Continue to follow them until they lead you right to Gascoigne and friend. Approach them for a conversation.

At this point you can either choose to forgive them, or to end the quest by taking their gear in return and leaving them naked in the midst of town. Either way, the quest will be completed.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 25XP.

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