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Witcher 3 The Heroes’ Pursuits For the Goddesses’ Glory Walkthrough

Witcher 3 The Heroes’ Pursuits: For the Goddesses’ Glory

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Larvik Notice board on the island of Hindarsfjall, the easternmost of the Skellige Isles.

For the Goddesses’ Glory Walkthrough

This side-quest is quite similar to ‘Races: Crow’s Perch’ in Velen and ‘The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby’ in Novigrad (if you have completed those) and it is broken down into a series of four races that are short, relatively easy and probably won’t cause you too much grief as long as you are alright in the saddle. The quests require that you best a series of challengers in horse races over a number of different courses.

When you are ready to begin the side-quest itself, after grabbing the side-quest from the notice board in Larvik, you can start it by heading over to the objective marker nearby and speak with the NPC named Svanta.

Speaking with Svanta will unlock an additional three side-quests: ‘The Heroes’ Pursuits: Farylund’, ‘The Heroes’ Pursuits: Fyresdal’ and ‘The Heroes’ Pursuits: Kaer Trolde’, these are all qualifying races that we need to win in order to continue. Once we have won each of those three races, we’ll be able to compete in the final challenge in order to complete this side-quest.

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After winning the three qualifiers, return to the town of Larvik on Hindarsfjall and make your way over to the starting line just outside of the western gate. Speak with Svanta here to begin the race.

Remember as we have with previous races, there are a few general tips that you should always look to exploit:

  • Getting in front early is your best bet. Be sure alternate between canter and running to recharge your horse’s stamina though!
  • When you are in front, you can drop back from a gallop to a canter and effectively move back and forward to block other horses coming from behind whilst your horse regains its stamina. This is especially effective in narrow segments of track.
  • Be sure to stay on the racing line! Some races will fail you if you stray too far and Roach is likely to come to a screeching halt if you hit any slight obstacle along the way.

The final race is quite short, with only a single opponent but also features a tricky track to manoeuvre around. In several places herds of Deer will occupy the track in an attempt to distract you, there are also several very sharp turns that will require you to slow down to have Roach navigate them successfully. Perhaps the worst part however is quite a narrow, lengthy bridge that will cause Roach to come to a standstill if he touches one of the railings.

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Fortunately, as the race is quite short, playing through once or twice to get the gist of the course is doable without too much irritation!

Once you have won the race, the quest will be completed.

Note: For winning the race, you’ll earn 50XP, 90 Crowns and the Zerrikanian Saddle.

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