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Witcher 3 Witch Hunter Raid Quest Guide

Witch Hunter Raid Quest Guide

In the town on the southern side of Novigrad by the ‘Glory Gate’ and ‘Portside Gate’ fast travel markers.

Note: This appears to be a non-official side-quest and as such does not have its own journal entry. It does however give a bit of XP and some Runestones, so is definitely worth checking out.

Note: I have only ever been able to trigger this quest before heading to Skellige. It may become inactive due to story progression afterwards. As such, I recommend you do it early on!

In the centre of the town closest to the ‘Portside Gate’ fast travel marker, you’ll see a group of Witch hunters trying to bash down the door of a house. If you are having trouble locating them, this house is located directly between the ‘Portside Gate’ fast travel marker and the area’s Notice Board.

Eventually they’ll manage to go inside to confront the residents. If you follow them in you can get involved to the max. You’ll essentially have two choices here. We can either leave the Witch Hunters to their business or help the mage.

The latter option will trigger a fight in which you’ll need to kill both of the Witch Hunters (one level 20 and one level 14) with the backup of the mage who will handily toss spells at them for you to supplement your damage.

No matter which way you choose, the side-quest will end after leaving the witch Hunters alone or defending the mage.

Note: For completing the side-quest you’ll earn 50XP. For choosing to help the Mage, you’ll also get a Lesser Perun Runestone, Veles Runestone and a Chernobog Runestone.

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