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Ys: Memories of Celceta – Crafting Materials Quest

After finished LT&MtV go to Comodo and check the board. You will see a quest called “Crafting Materials” Now go to up and enter the small pink tent and talk the man. He wants some materials.

First Stage

He wants three indestructible shells. Equip silver axe that you controlled character and warp to Selray. Dont enter Selray just go to west. You will see purple colored monster that named “Hourun” kill them until you gained three indestructible shells. This is rare material. So just keep trying.

After gained 3 indestructible shells warp to Comodo and talk to Saisen and finish the first stage.

Second Stage

Talk to Saisen. He wants a Bizarre Hide. If you have Bizarre Hide then give it. If you dont have Bizarre Hide warp to Roo’s Nest and exchange. Or look at the monster list and find the mosnter that drop Bizarre Hide and farm it.

Third Stage

Talk to Saisen again. He wants a Titanic Bone. You can get Titanic Bone easily from Lake Tolmes. Give a Titanic Bone to Saisen.

Now you can craft accessories in Comodo.

Now craft 3 silver axe (2 if you did not give silver axe to Mikuri in Danan), 3 golden axe, warrior seal IV and Skill Ring IV.

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