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Baldur’s Gate 3 Time Sensitive Quests and Encounters

Baldurs Gate 3 has a number of quests and encounters that are time sensitive. This guide will help you to navigate through the game without setting off triggers that can significantly impact your playthrough.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Time Sensitive Quests and Encounters



As of right now, this guide is mostly complete. However, there are several triggers that have not been conclusively established and there still may be errors.

Only quests or encounters with time dependent triggers and significant impact are included in this guide. More expansive lists can be found elsewhere such as the Reddit thread below.
Progressing into the next act will impact just about every unfinished quest. Don’t do it until you have done everything you can in your current act.


Much of this information comes from my playthroughs of the game. However, the following were important sources in helping acquire more information and thus deserve credit:

The Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki – https://baldursgate3.wiki.fextralife.com/Baldur’s+Gate+3+Wiki

u/Neville_Lynwood – https://www.reddit.com/r/BaldursGate3/comments/15q1o77/list_of_time_sensitive_quests/


Please comment below if you have noticed anything regarding this topic and have thoroughly tested it. Specific triggers that start and end the quest or encounter as well as alternative permutations are very helpful to know. If you have feedback for this guide, please comment below as well.


Each entry will be formatted in this way:

Quest or Encounter Name


ST: Start Trigger
ET: End Trigger


I also want to thank the community for the support and feedback I have received for my work on this guide!



Gale is a Lil Hungry

Gale will tell you he needs to consume magic items or he will be forced to do some shady stuff.

ST: Two long rests or his approval increases to “Fair”
ET: Gale stops asking after being fed three times, or, will resort to other methods after enough long rests


Karlach will leave the party if you do not kill her pursuers.

ST: Karlach joins party
ET: Unknown amount of long rests


True Souls Edowin, Andrick, and Brynna

Andrick and Brynna will be gone after a long rest.

ST: Encounter triggered by proximity
ET: A long rest will eliminate encounter

Owlbear Momma

Owlbear mother will be killed by goblins if you did not kill it.

ST: Owlbear cave is entered
ET: Owlbear is dead after a long rest


Bugbear Assasin

The bugbear assassin will kill the Tiefling girl by telescope if you do not intervene.

ST: Encounter is triggered by proximity
ET: Girl is killed after in-game timer

Investigate the Beach

Child Tiefling on the beach will die if you do not intervene.

ST: Quest is initiated
ET: Child will die, trigger is unknown

Save Arabella

Kagha will kill Arabella.

ST: Quest is initiated
ET: Child will die, trigger is unknown. Also killed after attacking goblin camp.

Save the Goblin Sazza

Sazza will die if you break out Halsin or attack the druid grove.

ST: Initate quest
ET: Break out Halsin, or the attack on the druid grove begins

Druid Grove Ritual

The ritual will complete, the grove will be closed off, and the Tieflings will be driven out and die. The only certain way to stop it is to deal with Kagha.

ST: Entering the druid grove
ET: The exact time that the druid grove is closed off at is uncertain, ranging from 3-10+ long rests. There may be another trigger that accelerates the completing of the ritual.


The Gnome on the Windmill

The Gnome will disappear.

ST: Proximity trigger
ET: Trigger is unknown


Find the Missing Shipment

The caravan guards will be killed by Kobolds if left for too long. Quest will still be completable.

ST: Proximity Trigger
ET: The guards will die after a long rest

Rescue the Trapped Man & Rescue the Grand Duke

Everyone in the burning inn will die if not rescued.

ST: Quest is initiated
ET: In-game timer


Lae’Zel Confronts the Githyanki

Lae’Zel will die if she has left the party to talk to the patrol and you do not join her.

ST: Lae’Zel leaves party
ET: Triggered if you leave the general area


Cure the Poisoned Gnome

Thulla will die if not healed or given an antidote.

ST: Initiate Quest
ET: Triggered by unknown amount of long rests or by completing the quest to deal with Nere


Free True Soul Nere

Nere and a few gnomes will die if you do not clear the rubble in time.

ST: Quest is initiated
ET: In-game timer, or a long rest, or 2 camp visits


Shadow-Cursed Lands

Don’t Let Rolan Die

Rolan will be found on by the southern most bridge in the Shadowfell after leaving the Last Light Inn. He will die if not saved from the shadows that attack him.

ST: Proximity trigger
ET: In-game timer

The Harpers Ambush Kar’niss

The ambush won’t trigger properly if you delay too long after the harpers leave the Last Light Inn. This will result in being unable to obtain the moonlantern from Kar’niss.

ST: Harpers leave for the ambush
ET: Unclear if long rest or in-game timer

Lift the Shadow Curse

You should play hide and seek with Oliver before Halsin rescues Thaniel from the Shadowfell. This will avoid bugs in this quest.
Halsin will die if you leave while he enters the Shadowfell.

ST: Halsin enters the Shadowfell
ET: A long rest

Moonrise Towers

Rescue Wulbren & Rescue the Tieflings

You must rescue everyone in the prison by the time you complete the area, otherwise they will die.

ST: Quests are initiated
ET: It appears that entering the Shadowfell to find the Nightsong is the trigger.


Companion Quests

Rescue Orin’s Victim

A companion will be kidnapped by Orin and will be killed if you do not save them.

ST: Entering the sewers
ET: Unknown amount of long rests


Help the Devilish Ox

The Strange Ox will disappear after some time if you have not agreed to help him.

ST: Entering Rivington
ET: Unknown amount of long rests or entering the Lower City

Wyrm’s Rock

Save Counsellor Florrick

Counsellor Florrick will be executed if you do not save her.

ST: Unsure, possibly Gortash’s coronation
ET: 5 long rests

Lower City:

Stop the Presses

Your reputation will be tarnished if you do not stop the Baldur’s Mouth from publishing their story.

ST: Quest is initiated
ET: A long rest

Investigate the Murders

Cora will be dead at the wine festival unless you warn her.

ST: Quest is initiated, or potentially entering the lower city
ET: Unknown amount of long rests

Save Duke Ravengard

Duke Ravengard will be dead if you kill Gortash before rescuing him.
The prison will be blown up by Gortash after you dock. Be prepared to rescue the prisoners.

ST: Docking at the prison
ET: In-game timer, 5-8 turns

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