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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Quick Tips for Campaign

Just some tips for the game, particularly for the campaign. I don’t claim to be an expert, so feel free to correct me. Currently only working on Cadia and did the beta portion of the necron campaign, but as I complete more will add to it.

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Quick Tips for Campaign

Quick tip list for the game.

-Don’t invest into evolving Agri Worlds. Until much later, they won’t provide that much(e.g. if you invest 100 for an agri world, you’d need 100 lvl 2 evolves just to make back the money you spent).

-Focus on capturing and fully evolving the ones that provide the most income. So for Cadia that would be Forgeworlds/Hiveworlds.

-To obtain battleplans, use assault actions on enemy flagships. Flagships are denoted by the gold chevrons next to their healthbar.

-You can build a minefield when you’re being invaded to delay an invasion by a turn(works the same as using a battleplan)

-The battles are randomized between 2 different modes. Domination(?) is where there are 5 locations open to capture that provide points, with the one that obtains the required score wins(complete destruction provides victory as well). The other is a regular space battle that requires you to defeat the enemy, plain and simple. If you want to switch to the other, you can reload the prebattle autosave until you get the other mode.

-Space stations and any other enemy stationary targets must be destroyed for an elimination victory. This applies when going for elimination in the domination mode as well.

-Threat level is a flat level(observed to go anywhere between 0 to 5) that determines how active the enemy will be. The lower the threat level, the less likely they are to do something.

-Urgency is the meter on the bottom right hand corner that increases with every turn. Using battleplans or primarily completing objectives will reduce this.

-Renown levels provide you with upgrade points that you can invest to provide bonuses to all or specific ship types(e.g. ships with macro battery weapons). The level that the upgrade is in is what level is required for a ship to be given that bonus, so if you get a lvl 2 renown upgrade, that escort that you have needs to be lvl 2 or higher to receive that bonus.

-There are multiple lvl 3 researches that may be locked. To unlock them, you need to find the planet that has that research(it’ll give the name in a light blue color) and evolve it to level 3. You still need to invest a renown point to obtain the upgrade.

-If you can’t build a ship there may be a few reasons: that you don’t have the required renown level to build it, that you don’t have enough resources, or that you don’t have enough construction points to build it. For the last one, make sure you select the system that has the required construction points available. That fleet needs to be in the same sector as the system that you want to build your ship from.

-If you’re having trouble controlling the battle at the current pace(or if it’s going too slow) there are different game speed options underneath the minimap available to you.

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