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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Necrons Ships

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Necrons Ships

Necron Fleet forming around a Cairn Battleship preparing for battle.

“They will seek to harvest us at first, for they will be hungry after their long sleep. Then they will turn their efforts to enslaving the survivors. The galaxy will bleed the stench of death into the void, and it will attract the others of their kind. We must choose unity or death.”
– Maechu, Farseer of Ulthwé

In this section I will outline all ships of the Necron Fleet at the disposal to the players. I will not be including pictures of these vessels as that would be far to time consuming and I will only be giving very brief descriptions of them, not a list of every stat they have. As players you can look more into these stats by creating your own fleet and looking at the information provided for every ship.

I will not be organizing ships I list here by their classification or class. While this is an efficient way to list them for a game, I think a better way to visualize these will be to catagorize them by their weapons arrangements and their perspective roles within your fleet. Ships will be listed from this category further from top to bottom by point values.


Escorts serve the purpose of being viable scouts and ships to capture zones with. They also serve as “filler” points within a fleet in the case that points are leftover but there are not enough to purchase another line ship. These vessels simply augment the fleet by providing additional firepower, high speed, and scouting potential.


  • Class: Destroyer
  • Cost: 54 points
  • Role: Light Patrol Craft

This is the fastest ship in the fleet an the cheapest option available to the player. The speed of this ship makes it excellent for capturing zones and scouting enemy posistions.


  • Class: Frigate
  • Cost: 59 points
  • Role: Heavy Patrol Craft

This ship is simply a heavier version of the Dirge at an increased cost of 5 points. What do you get for these 5 points? Twice the hull points, an extra weapon and double the defence turrets. This comes with a price of a loss of speed and rotation ability.

Skirmishing Craft

These vessels serve as ships that are meant to stay on the outskirts of the primary engagement and provide support to the larger ships of your fleet. The reason being for this is that these ships have short range weapons and while being durable, they are still very easy to focus down with enough concentrated fire, ordinance or raming. Use these ships to help support your fleet and keep them away from the enemy.


  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 155 points
  • Role: Light Skirmish Craft
  • Special: Launch Bays

The Cartouche is the cheapest of the Light Cruisers available to the player and is a simple ship to utilize for the skirmishing role. Just keep it away from your opponenets as mentioned above to use it. Considering the speed of this vessel it also makes a nice pursuit craft. Has access to fighters.


  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 194 points
  • Role: Heavy Skirmish Craft
  • Special: Launch Bays

This ship is simply a heavier version of the Cartouche at an increased cost of 39 points. With this you get a major increase to the hull, an additional weapon and greater durability in combat. While this does make the ship more reliable, it loses the speed that is necessary for the role it intends to fill. Since points are at such a premium with this faction I’m not sure whether you should choose this over the Cartouche. Has access to fighters.

Stealth Warfare

Though there is only one vessel on this list, it does fill a particular niche of playstyle. Stealth based ships simply will regain stealth from whatever allows them to: gas clouds, asteroid clusters, the “Running Silent” stance, exe… The advantage to this is to use stealth as a weapon and to have it on your side.


  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 189 points
  • Role: Stealth Skirmish Craft
  • Special: Advanced Detection Radius, Launch Bays

This is the most interesting of the light cruisers available to the Necrons. It fills a role that no other ship in the fleet does and it is very strong. While similar in playstyle to the other light cruisers, the benefit of having stealth adds to this ships survivability. It compares to the Cartouche at an increased cost of 34 points and gets two more weapons added to it. It compares to the Cartouche and not the Kopesh because it is a lighter craft and has all the same stats. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of this ship is that it has an increased detection radius, so while skirmishing it will reveal enemy radar blips that may be hidden behind the primary engagement zone. Has access to fighters.

Heavy Enforcers

These vessels serve as primary will of the Necron fleet and the sole embodiment of all of their strategems. These craft are tough to kill, have extremely dangerous weapons, have access to potent abilities and compose the center of your fleet. If you lose any of these ships before you have done anything short of devestating amounts of damage to your opponent, you have played them wrong and will lose the game.

Scythe Harvester

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Cost: 291 points
  • Role: Light Attack Cruiser
  • Special: Star Pulse Wave Ability, Launch Bays

This cruiser serves as the lightest and fastest of all the heavy vessels the Necrons have access to. It is a solid ship with an impressive array of weapons, decent speed for the Necrons, and can stand up to punishment. Has access to fighters.

Scythe Reaper

  • Class: Battle Cruiser
  • Cost: 367 points
  • Role: Heavy Attack Cruiser
  • Special: Star Pulse Wave Ability, Launch Bays

This ship is simply a heavier version of the Scythe Harvester at an increased cost of 76 points. While this is a major point increase, you get a major increase to the hull, an increased and more potent weapon array and greater durability in combat. This ship is going to be exposed to all the punishment the enemy has to offer you so the investment is worth it. Since points are at such a premium with this faction you will have to budget when fitting this craft into your fleet. Note that if you don’t have any escorts in your fleet for any reason, downgrade this to a Scythe Harvester and please take an escort. Has access to fighters.


  • Class: Battleship
  • Cost: 492 points
  • Role: Heavy Attack Vessel
  • Special: Ancestral Terror Ability, Star Pulse Wave Ability, Launch Bays

This is a massive and incredibly slow moving ship that brings the wrath of the Necrons to bear on their enemies. With a massive weapons array and the ability to reposistion itself, this is one of the most dangerous capital ships in the game. It also has access to a unique ability that does a significant amount of morale damage will increasing friendly morale of ships. The biggest thing to understand about this vessel is not all that it can achieve, but what it costs. At nearly 500 points, it is a massive investment for your fleet and you have to at least destroy or eliminate that same amount of points from your enemies fleet before you lose this vessel. If you can’t do that, it will more than likely be a loss for you. Has access to fighters.

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