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Being a DIK How to beat all drinking games

How to beat all drinking games

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Drinking games in BaDIK require you to navigate the cursor through a long, narrow, twisty path under a time limit. It can be somewhat challenging, but luckily there is a simple way to circumvent the challenge entirely. Just follow these steps:

  1. (prerequisite) Run the game in windowed mode (it’s in the settings).
  2. Once you’ve reached a drinking game, move the cursor to the starting position, and keep your eyes glued at the ending position.
  3. Alt+Tab out of the game and move the cursor to where the ending position was.
  4. Alt+Tab back into the game. Congrats, you just breezed through that challenge. Repeat those steps until the drinking game is finished.

Yes, I know this is technically cheating, but we’re talking about a game that allows you to cheat in your English, Math and Gender Studies tests (and even rewards you with DΙΚ points when you do so), so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

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